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Palma Airport to Ibiza

Ibiza has a big reputation as a party person’s destination. That is true as it’s a nightclub capitol of Europe but it’s by no means the whole story of Ibiza.

Depending on your preference to party heavily or avoid it completely, the lively club scene is to be found predominantly in Ibiza Town, adjacent beaches and Sant Antoni.

Ibiza is gifted with quiet villages, secluded coves and sandy beaches surrounded by pines trees and cliffs. Here island life in Ibiza unravels at a relaxed pace.

Once you’ve absorbed some long needed sunshine on the many beaches, you might want to step off the beaten track and see a bit of the inland Ibiza.

As well as the quaint towns, you’ll discover olive, almond and fig groves. Intermingled amongst them are a blanket of shrubs, wild flowers and grasses.

Ibiza’s capital has an old quarter that is worth visiting with a fortress and ancient walls. It is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Ibiza Airport has most of the conveniences of modern airports only on a much smaller scale especially when compared to Palma airport. It only has one terminal building which is easier and less stressful for travelers to negotiate.

It is easy to get from the airport to the main bus station in Ibiza and the ferry port to Formentera on the Route 10 bus. This runs every half hour during the summer and every hour during the winter in both directions.

Of course there are lots of taxis and it’s possible to book a private transfers for a more speedy arrival to your destination in Ibiza.

How to get to Ibiza from Mallorca

From Palma Airport

As the crow flies it’s approximately 137km, 85 miles, 74 nautical miles from Palma airport to Ibiza airport. There are flights at virtually all hours of the day but not the early hours of the morning.

At moment there are three carriers who are flying to Ibiza from Palma airport. These are, Air Berlin, Iberia and Air Europa.

Flight time is almost always 35 – 40 minutes and the prices vary depending on when you book but usually they are in a price window of €50-€90 each.

From Palma Ferries

The ferry leaves from Palma port. You can get to Palma ferry port from Palma airport via a taxi, private transfer or by taking the bus on route no.1 which is €3 and runs every 15min. This goes from the airport to Palma city and onto Palma port and then loops back on itself if you miss the port stop.

It’s approximately 36min from the airport to the port via bus.

To see the bus route for Palma port from Palma airport click the link:

The ferry to Ibiza from Palma port takes around 3h30min or 4h depending on whether you take the fast ferry. Prices are around €30 for one person one way and €105 for one person with a car. Ferries usually only go once or twice a day at the most and this will fix you to their timetable.

You can also book taxi transfers from Ibiza Airport.


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