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Taking the Metro in Palma

The metro station is at the main train station for Mallorca in Palma city at Placa d’Espanya in Palma. The station is called Palma Intermodal Station.

There isn’t a metro or train connection from Palma airport to Palma city.

When at Placa d’Espanya, you will need to go down the set of stairs at Palma Intermodal Station. This is an underground station and the start of the metro.

The Metro is operated by Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (SFM) and first opened on 25th April 2007. It is therefore relatively new, runs regularly and is clean. It’s ideal if you want to go to some of the northern points of the city. In fairness though, Palma Metro is quite limited and is the smallest in Spain.

The Metro only has two lines, M1 and M2, although each line has several stops along the way. The starting point, the Intermodal Station, is close to the city center.

Line M1 has 9 stations and line M2 has 10. The Intermodal station and the next two stations are served by both M1 and M2 lines.

M1 Metro Line

Intermodal station to Universidad de las Islas Baleares (UIB) station

This line is 7.2 km long and has the following stops:

Jacint Verdaguer,
Son Costa – Son Fortesa
Son Fuster Vell
Son Castelló
Gran Vía Asima
Camí dels Reis
Son Sardina
Universidad de las Islas Baleares

M1 Metro trains run from :
Intermodal station to UBI station
6:35 am to 9:35 pm

UBI station to Intermodal station
6:52 am to 9:52 pm

The M1 runs every 20 minutes from Monday to Friday and every 30 minutes on Saturday mornings, with no service Saturday afternoons and Sundays. In the summer months during July and August, the service may be less regular. The journey time from the Intermodal Station to UIB is 13 minutes.

There are plans to extend the M1 line by 1.5 km to Parc Bit, a science and technology park located on the outskirts of Palma.

M2 Metro Line

Intermodal station to Marratxi station

This line is 8.35km long and has the following stops:

Jacint Verdaguer
Son Costa – Son Fortesa
Son Fuster
Son Cladera-Vivero
Verge de Lluc
Pont d’Inca
Pont d’Inca Nou
Polígon Marratxí

Metro trains run from:
Intermodal station to Marratxí station
5.56 am to 9.00pm

Marratxí station to Intermodal station
6:20 am to 9:00 pm

The M2 runs roughly every 20 to 40 minutes from Monday to Friday with a journey time of 14 minutes. As the M2 follows the rail line, it is also possible to take one of the following trains: T1 to Inca, T2 to Sa Pobla or T3 to Manacor, which run between the hours of 5.40 am and 10.15 pm. While some of the trains stop at all the Metro stations, some others run straight through to Marratxí. Passengers wishing to disembark at any other Metro station, will therefore need to double check prior to boarding the train. Trains that do not stop are marked “sense aturades / sin paradas” on the time table.

The M2 does not run on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. However, on those days passengers can use the trains, all of which stop at every Metro station between Intermodal Station and Marratxí.

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets prices are € 1.45 (€ 0.75 discounted tickets) to go to any station on either line.

To purchase tickets for the Metro you will need to go to the Intermodal station ticket office or to one of the ticket machines.

To view the current Metro time tables, see the official metro website https://www.tib.org/en/web/ctm/metro.

Contact details:
Intermodal Station,
Plaça d’Espanya s/n,
Customer Service Telephone: +34 971 17 77 77

Getting from Palma airport to Palma Metro Station

The A1 bus from Palma airport to Palma city is the bus to take to get to the Intermodal station.

You will need to get off at the Placa d’Espanya stop (Plaza de Espana). This is the Intermodal Station and passengers can easily return to the airport from here on the route A1 bus taken in the opposite direction.

All airport buses have an electronic display system inside the bus with the next stop showing. They go every 15 minutes but after 21:30 only every 30 minutes.

Palma Airport Bus Timetable to Palma City

Winter – November to end of April
Palma airport to Palma city: 6:00am to 1:15am
Palma city to Palma airport: 4:45am to 0:42am

Summer – May to end of October
Palma airport to Palma city: 6:00am to 1:50am
Palma city to Palma airport: 5:30am to 2:10am

The Palma airport bus A1 costs € 5

To see where to catch the A1 bus at the airport and for more details about the A1 bus click here.

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