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It may be the first time for many travellers wanting to depart Palma de Mallorca airport. What do you need to know? Our quick guide is ready to assist! Here is a little about what to do and the facilities you can expect to see at departures.

Palma Airport is a large airport and is a bit like an airport with four terminals, these are called Modules – A,B,C,D. However, by only having one main terminal it is easier to check-in and depart Mallorca!

Getting to Departures

If you arrive at the airport by car, you will find that there are plenty of parking options. From the multi-storey car park you can use the tunnel on floor 4 of the car park which will bring you straight into departures. If you are arriving by bus or by taxi, these will usually take you directly to airport departures.

💻 Online Check-In

For most airlines nowadays you can check in online. Depending on the airline you are flying with, the online-check-in may start several weeks or just a few days before your departure date. It is usually possible to check in up to 2 to 4 hours before your scheduled departure. It is important to remember that you will either need to print your boarding pass or save it on one of your mobile devices, e.g. on a mobile phone or tablet, when you check in online.

If you can check in online and are only travelling with hand luggage then this is the easiest option! All you need to do is follow the signs from departures to the security check point on the upper floor, level 4.

There you will need to present your e-ticket/boarding pass to be scanned and go through the security check point. After this you will be free to head towards your module (A, B, C or D) for boarding.

If you have checked in online and have hold luggage then you will need to locate your airline’s check-in desk, where you can drop off your luggage prior to heading to security.

✅ Check-In at the airport

If you haven’t checked in online, you can of course still do this at the airport. The check-in desks are on level 2 of the main terminal building. To help you find your way around more easily, the check-in area is divided into different zones (A to F) and each check-in desk has an individual number. Take a look at the monitors to find out which check-in desk is assigned to your flight. A staff member at the desk will complete the check-in for you and issue you with your boarding pass.

The airport also has a number of automatic check-in machines for selected airlines, you will need to check with your carrier beforehand. These are located on floors 2 and 4. The majority are next to the desks for check-in. With these you can check-in and print your boarding pass yourself.

After checking in you can make your way to level 4 of the main terminal building, to pass through the security checkpoint and on to your boarding module and gate.

🚢 Arriving from a cruise ship

If you are arriving from a cruise ship it is possible to get your boarding pass and check in your luggage at the seaport. For more information on how the procedure works and using this facility, you will need to communicate with your specific cruise line and follow their instructions.

🚲 Oversized objects / bycicles

You will need to go to your regular check in desk and check in. They will give you the appropriate luggage labels for your oversized luggage and direct you or assign a member of staff to take you to the oversized luggage bay.

Time to spare?

There are a number of shops and restaurants on floor 2 and floor 4 just before security where you can spend some last minute time with friends and family who aren’t travelling. There are also many more beyond security but for passengers only. For more information, please see our page “Places to Eat and Drink“.

If you want to browse the web or catch up with your e-mails or social media, you can make use of the airport’s wifi. Read more about the different options and how to access the Palma airport wifi here.

On the 4th floor, close to security control, there is a large terrasse with plenty of benches and greenery. If you have time to spare, this is a good spot to relax and catch the last few rays before your flight. The smokers amongst you will be interested to know that smoking is permitted on the terrasse.

Security check point

The majority of passengers will use the security check point on level 4, however, there is another security check point on level 2, which is used on some occasions and which your airline may direct you through.

As usual when passing through the check point, passengers will be asked to show their boarding passes. These can be presented either in a printed version or displayed on a mobile device like a tablet or mobile phone. Both options will allow the security staff to scan the boarding pass.

Following this, your entire hand luggage, including your jacket, mobile phone, hat, etc needs to be placed on one or several plastic trays to allow it to be x-rayed. All passengers will have to walk through a metal detector.

See here for some useful tips on how to get through security control as quickly as possible.


Once you have passed security control, you are on the “airside” of the airport, the area only security-screened passengers have access to. You will enter the duty free section and find a great variety of shops, bars and restaurants. At this point you will still be in the main terminal building and will need to proceed to your module when the time comes to get to your boarding gate.

Passport Control

Europeans who have national ID cards will be able to travel to various European countries who accept these for permission to pass. However, most travellers will be required to present their passport, this is the case for all non-Schengen countries like the UK.

Travellers are required to do their own research about the requirements for entry to certain countries. It is always good to ask your airline or check their website.

Permission to board flights bound for countries with entry restrictions may be declined without the correct documentation. Documentation may include a passport valid for more than six months after the arrival date, a valid visa or vaccination certificate.


The boarding gates at Palma Airport are located in the four adjoining buildings, modules A, B, C and D. There you will additionally find several Duty-Free Express shops, which are smaller than the main duty free area just after security control. There is also a variety of shops, bars and restaurants.

Check one of the many information screens to see which gate your flight will be boarding from. Knowing as soon as possible from which gate you are boarding from is a good idea, due to the distance from the terminal to your module.

The gates are easy to find. Although there are four modules, the gates are numbered the same as any other airport but with the addition of the letter of your module, i.e. A1-28 or C50-59 for example.

There are many elevators, escalators and pedestrian conveyor belts to help make this transition as quick and easy as possible, but be aware it may take up to ten minutes at busy times. People with limited mobility can request assistance, although this must be done in advance. You can find more information on this topic on our “Disability Assistance” page.

Airport Lounges

If are not too keen on all the hustle and bustle at the airport and you would rather spend your waiting time in more relaxing surroundings, why not visit one of the four airport lounges? In order to gain access to these, you can pay an admission fee at the door or you can book a Palma Airport lounge ticket in advance and at a reduced price.


Once in your boarding module, if you haven’t had time to shop or refresh yourself beforehand, you can do so here. There are plenty of places to eat and drink and shops to browse while waiting to board your flight.

❗️ It is important to be at your gate in good time. Your boarding time is printed on your boarding pass and you should also check the information screens at regular intervals in case of any changes. A late arrival at the boarding gate could mean that the gate is already closed in which case you will no longer be able to board the flight!

As normal, when boarding your flight you will be asked to present your ID and boarding pass.

On some boarding gates you will find an “air-jetty” walkway, which allows you to walk straight onto the plane. Certain flights require a short walk, including stairs, to the aeroplane from the gate, others involve a short bus transfer from the module to the aircraft.

Should the thought of flying make you a little nervous, do take a look at our infographic “How safe is flying?“!

We wish you a pleasant flight!

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