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Special Baggage at Palma Airport

Special baggage refers to items that require additional attention or handling during air travel due to their size, weight, fragility, or nature. These items often have specific guidelines or procedures for their transportation to ensure their safety and the safety of other passengers’ luggage.

Which Items are classed as Special Baggage?

Oversized/overweight baggage

Luggage that exceeds the airline’s standard weight or size limits is considered oversized or overweight. Any items larger than 1.2 m or weighing more than 50 kg are considered special baggage.

Sports equipment

Certain sports equipment, like bicycles, surfboards, golf clubs, diving gear, or fishing equipment, are considered special baggage. Airlines usually have specific guidelines for the packaging and transportation of such items, and they may charge additional fees.

Fragile items

Fragile items such as artwork, antiques, glassware, or delicate electronics may be considered special baggage. These items often require careful packing and may need to be transported in a specific manner, such as using a hard-sided case or being marked as fragile.

Medical equipment

Larger pieces of medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, portable hoists or portable oxygen concentrators, etc. are considered special baggage.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments, particularly larger ones like guitars, cellos, or drums, are often classified as special baggage.


Pets are considered to be “special baggage” when transported in the cabin or in the cargo hold. Each airline has its own regulations and requirements for travelling with pets, including the need for proper carriers, health certificates, and documentation.

What do I need to do when travelling with Special Baggage?

Prior to travel

Check with your airline before you travel

If you are planning to travel with special baggage, you should contact your airline as soon as possible to find out whether and under what conditions the item can be transported. Each airline may have different rules, restrictions, and fees associated with the transportation of such items. It is therefore essential to check the policies and guidelines of the airline you are travelling with.

Ensure that your special baggage is packaged correctly

Please refer to your airline’s guidelines to find out how your item needs to be packaged for air travel.

At the departure airport

Go to your airline’s check-in desk. After checking in any other luggage you may have, you will be directed to a special check-in desk, as special baggage cannot be processed by the airport’s automated system.

At the arrival airport

Special baggage may not be returned on the normal baggage reclaim belt. Instead, you may need to look for the special baggage or oversized baggage reclaim area. At Palma Airport you will usually find special baggage on reclaim belt 17. Pets can be collected between belts 10 and 11.

See here for more information regarding your baggage allowance.


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