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After touching down your aircraft will ease eventually to a stop and likely you will be bursting to get out!

Although Palma airport is a modern airport not all flights will dock at the side of the airport building, where passengers can stroll through the “air-jetty” into the terminal.

If the aircraft comes to a rest away from the airport you may be obliged to walk across the airport tarmac. This would involve using the mobile staircase down from the aeroplane and stairs or an escalator or elevator up to the airport module.

If the aeroplane is stationed even further from your airport arrivals there will be a bus waiting to shuttle you. Contact your airline in advance if you have mobility issues.

Passport Control

If your flight was from outside the Schengen area, passport Control is obligatory.

Once you have disembarked you will enter the airport building. Follow the signs for Passport Control. You can also follow the Exit signs as these will take you to the same place. If you came from a Schengen country, then the exit signs will lead you towards baggage reclaim.

You must be ready to present your passport and any other required travel documents when going through Passport control, you will be refused entry if you don’t.

After Passport Control then proceed to the baggage reclaim hall or Customs by following the signs along with exit signs.

Customs is well signed. Those who enter Palma from a non-European union country may have to declare certain goods. If you are certain you have nothing to declare you can pass through.

The European Commission website has more information on what needs to be declared. It’s best to ask at Customs though if you’re not sure. Goods which must be declared would include things like; expensive electronic products, food and large amounts of cash, i.e. over 10,000 euros.

Baggage Reclaim

There are four modules at Palma airport, lettered A-D and you will have arrived through one of these. Once you have made it through passport control you will need to make your way to the main terminal building from your module.

The modules are all linked to the terminal building. You will have to navigate many long corridors to the main terminal building. Again, contact your airline in advance if you have mobility issues and they will arrange for a lift.

There are many pedestrian conveyor belts but it still might take up to 10 minutes. Through these walkways you will intermingle with departing passengers and have access to all the facilities as if you were departing, including shops.

When working your way through the long corridors, keep following the signs for baggage reclaim and you will eventually come to the luggage collection hall.

As there are 18 regular baggage reclaim carousels plus extra baggage facilities, use the monitors to look for your flight number to find the correct carousel. Any oversized baggage likewise will be conveyed on the carousel.

Special baggage is allocated by carousel 17, so if you checked in anything designated as such you may need to check this or ask for direction.

See your airline if your luggage is lost or damaged, there are a number of airline companies in the baggage reclaim area. Along with these there are other affiliates and hire car companies. The car hire offices can also be accessed outside the baggage zone, on the other side in the pubic area.


There are a large number of trolleys in the baggage reclaim area. You may take one as you enter the baggage area and walk to your carousel. They are free charge and numerous, also found throughout the whole airport.

Retrieving Animals

Go to the Animal Claim desk in the baggage reclaim area between carousels 10 and 11.

Cash Machines

There are some cash machines located by the main exits of the baggage reclaim zone, although there are a number spread out in this zone and throughout the airport.

Main Arrivals Hall

After the baggage hall, you will enter the main arrivals hall, this is on the ground floor of the terminal building on floor 0 and this is where you are eventually hoping to end up!

Here you can arrange or lookout for your chosen transport, e.g. pre booked transfer, Car Hire, bus etc. Follow the signs for public transport. For those using a travel company, this is where you will meet your tour representative if you have transport booked with them.

Depending on which part of the airport you initially arrived in from, this will effect on which side of the arrivals hall you will appear. If someone is collecting you, like friends or a pre-booked private transfer driver, make sure they have your flight number so they know which part of arrivals to wait for you. There is also a central meeting point in the public arrivals hall that is clearly marked.

You’re now free to start your holiday in Mallorca!

Please also see our page “Covid 19 – What you need to know when travelling via Palma Airport“.

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