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Duty free

Duty free store locations

The main duty-free shopping area is on the fourth floor, past the security checkpoint for flyers only. Express duty-free shops are smaller duty frees stores found in Modules A, C and D near to the boarding gates. In the summertime, duty-free is open 24 hours a day. In winter it’s closed at night-time.

Mallorca Duty Free Store Palma Airport

Palma Airport has one of the largest duty-free stores

The main duty free store

The main duty-free store in Palma airport is spread over a large area, selling products such as tobacco, perfumes, cosmetics, spirits, wines and foodstuffs. It’s one of the largest duty-free stores in Spain. Spacious and well laid out, but in summer it can become very busy. 

Smaller express duty free stores

Smaller “express” duty-free stores can be found on the way to your boarding gate. All modules have an express duty-free store, except for module ‘B’. However, all modules including module B have a range of shops and bars by their boarding gates.

When to buy duty-free items

Duty-free can be accessed by arriving and departing passengers. If you want something to enjoy on your holiday, you can buy it upon arrival before leaving the passenger only zone.

In the EU zone, duty-free goods are only free of duty in name alone (see the duty-free guide below). Duty can be free for flights heading outside the EU.  As a result, certain products may be cheaper outside the airport, in resorts. For example, some spirits can be found cheaper in Magaluf than at the airport.

If you’re departing Palma Airport and thinking of purchasing selected bottles of spirits from the resort before you leave, consider how much weight is available in your suitcase so as not to be charged excess weight and defeat the purpose.

Outside the EU

Visitors to the EU who are travelling back outside of the EU may be tax-exempt. Look for
items with green labels which state ‘only for passengers travelling outside the EU’. You will need to show ID with proof of non-EU residence and a boarding pass for a flight bound outside the EU.

Within the EU

There is no extra duty pay on goods moving within the EU when tax is included on purchase.  So for example, goods bought in Spain from regular stores would include tax, and no extra duty would be charged when flying to another EU country. Although there are no limits, certain items are not for resale and can only be for personal use e.g. alcohol.  Therefore, if you are stopped by customs officials and you have a large amount of tobacco or alcohol, you may be questioned. You could be questioned, for example, on arrival back in the UK, if you bring more than 1kg of tobacco or 10 litres of spirits.

shops at Palma Airport

There is a wide range of shops at Palma Airport

Regular shopping at Palma Airport

As with most major airports, there is a large selection of shops, bars and restaurants close to each other. There is a wide range of regular shops such as fashion, jewellery, gift shops, newsagents. Most shops are open from 7 am to 9 pm, many at least until 10 or 10:30 pm. A Pharmacy/Chemist can be found in departures in the public area on floor 2 (closed at night-time).

How many shops are there at Palma Airport?

There are more than 40 shops at Palma Airport including Duty-Free Jewellery, Sports, Fashion, Electronics, Foodstuffs, Pharmacy and Gifts.

How much duty free alcohol can I bring back from Mallorca?

The maximum amount of alcohol you can bring back is 10 litres.

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