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Lost Luggage Palma Airport

Nobody wants the lonely feeling of being the last person around the baggage reclaim carousel and realizing your luggage isn’t going to arrive.

What to do

You need to report lost luggage immediately to your airline’s lost luggage desk or their office at Palma airport, see below for details.

Usually staff will be able to track your baggage on their computer tracking systems and locate your luggage.  If it has not arrived at Palma airport they will advise you on which flight it will arrive.  Arrange for it to be delivered to your accommodation.

If luggage can’t be found on their system it will likely have lost its barcode label or got derailed on the luggage conveyer system.

The baggage is likely to be somewhere in between the departing airport bag drop and the aircraft it was supposed to be loaded on.  When the luggage is found it will be returned.  This highlights the importance of internal identification tags or a copy of the travel itinerary of the passenger in the baggage.

Left on the Carousel

If a bag if accidently left on the carousel at Palma airport then hopefully it will be picked up by airport staff and registered at the Palma airport lost property office, see below for office details.

Lost Left Luggage

Acciona971 787 933Floor 0. Baggage reclaim hall
Air Europa902 190 271
Fax: 915 143 647
Floor 0. Baggage reclaim hall
Easy Jet902 599 900Floor 0. Baggage reclaim hall
Iberia901 111 342
971 789 972
971 789 979
Floor 0. Baggage reclaim hall
Jet2971 787 714Floor 2. Check-in
Ryanair971 789 647Floor 2. Check-in

Lost Property Office
Floor 0. Arrivals hall
E-mail: pmiobjhallados@aena.es
Telephone: 971 789 456

Why Passengers Lose Luggage

Late Check In or Bag Drop

Theoretically the airline’s time limit to check in luggage should prevent loss of luggage. However during busy times or unexpected technology glitches some luggage just doesn’t have time to get through the security screening and vast conveyer belts at Palma airport and will miss the flight.

It’s best to check in luggage well before the check in closure time.


Flights with overly tight connections mean that sometimes luggage from one aircraft won’t make it to the other aircraft and will miss the flight. This can only be prevented by being cautious when booking your flights and allowing enough time between connecting flights.

Another factor is that the more a bag has to be handled and traverse airport’s luggage conveyance systems the luggage barcode label can become damaged.

This bag tag is essential for the computer scanner to direct it to the correct flight and it may become creased or torn and therefore unreadable. If possible it is best to only have one connection at a time.

Place Bags Flat

If you place your luggage upright resting on its wheels, it will raise the chance of a mishap. Bags on wheels will crash around until they fall on their side hopefully.

Problems arise when bags get caught up with other bags creating blockages and delays or two bags getting scanned for one and therefore one being directed onto the wrong flight.

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