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Bag Drop machines Palma Airport

Airlines are gradually changing the way we fly and this includes check in and bag drop. Ideally they want everybody to check in online and drop their hold baggage at the airport bag drop with minimal staff involved.

The idea is to cut passenger queues, and essentially costs. Less airport desks and staff involved minus check in procedures all equate to savings in time and money. Certain budget airlines have been the market leaders in this and have literally transformed the way we fly.

How easy the whole process of flying through Palma airport becomes for us individually depends largely on how well we embrace these new techniques. The completely automated bag drop systems of the future, already at some airports, will optimizes Palma airport departures.

However presently not all airlines require passengers to check in online. Also if passengers are required to check in themselves most prefer to check in online before arriving at the airport rather than having to use self-check in machines at the airport.

Self-check in machines are not the same as completely automated self-bag drop machines which haven’t arrived at Palma airport yet.  However Air Berlin and Air Europa have semi automated bag drop machines and on floor 2 (and Air Berlin also on floor 4) self check in machines.

How to use Bag Drop Machines

Bag drop deadlines are still very strict even without having to check in. These deadlines are stated by airlines when booking.

Bag drop is usually open two hours prior to departure and the deadline is 60-40minutes before flight departure time. Early bag drop is highly recommended.

Self-Bag Drop at Palma Airport

Use one of the bag drop machines by scanning your boarding pass and ID or passport. You will be given bag tags to fasten to your baggage and the desk number to drop your luggage which will not have a large queue. If the machine doesn’t give bag tags an airline employee will supply and fasten these.

Where Located

Most airlines at Palma who are moving towards online check in for all passengers although they don’t have complete self-bag drop machines. They require their passengers to come to the former check in desks now called bag drop desks.

Here passengers will have to present their boarding pass and ID. Their luggage will be weighed, tagged and dropped. Check in will have taken place online.

All bag drop is on floor two of departures in the main terminal building. You will have to search for your airline although most airlines are clearly visible with banners and signs. You can also check the monitors to see which desks are allocated for your airline.

Complete Self Service Bag Drop Machines

These automated bag drop machines will eventually be in place at all modern airports although they are not at Palma yet. These machines will virtually cut out all airline staff involved in check in and bag drop.

The simple steps are as follows:

  • Check in online
  • Place luggage in bag drop machine
  • Select language on touch screen
  • Scan boarding pass, whether paper or mobile device
  • It will print bag tags, take these and fasten securely on baggage
  • It asks if you are ready, then it takes your luggage. You receive a bag claim tag

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