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Killing time at Palma Airport

Nobody willingly wants to trap themselves in an airport and wait for several hours or more. However for air travelers it’s become a necessary evil of flying.

Sadly at Palma airport it is often delayed flights or airport strikes that leave passengers stranded and forced to kill time. Families often the hardest hit are left to try and occupy their children for hours on end.

Other travelers however will have factored in waiting time when booking a connection flight at Palma airport.

So what if you do have 7 hours to kill at Palma airport or more! What can you do?

Many will get stuck into a book or magazine or use their electronic devices but here are a few more suggestions.


Just thinking ahead of time about a possible delay can really help the whole situation.

Prepare for this waiting at Palma airport and pack or download what you can. For instance, children become increasingly irritated and naughty when waiting for lengthy periods, they need activities.

Brings things to keep them and yourself busy. Perhaps their favorite toy or children’s story or activity book.

Before you leave home download. This can be interactive games, eBooks, music or a few movies and documentaries. Really what is your or your children’s favorite programs or videos.

If you are relying on a laptop make sure it’s charged or you have an extra battery or power point adaptor.

Bring extra food. This can save money and bring added enjoyment, especially for children.

What to do when there is time to kill at Palma airport

Airport Lounge

There are four airport lounges at Palma airport, all of which are open to the public, first class or not. These allow you to escape the frantic airport environment and spend your time in a relaxed atmosphere rather than getting stressed and increasingly exasperated by the possibly unexpected wait.

See our page Palma airport VIP lounges for more information.


Palma airport is like many modern airports and has a gigantic duty free and shopping area. If you really have a lot of time to kill at Palma airport and like shopping they you can relax and try to cover all the shops across the different modules, A,B,C, and D.


Internet is available at Palma airport and the first 15-30miuntes are free depending on the season. There is the option to pay for further usage.

To see all the internet and Wi-Fi options available at Palma airport click here


Delays especially irritate! The body and muscles can develop pent up energy and at the same time even muscle aches. Palma airport layout is a solution.

Palma Airport is spread out over a large floor surface space and has an amazing amount of corridors and walk ways.

These large distances are normally viewed as a negative and a challenge but when you have nothing else to do they can become a positive challenge!

Keep yourself amused and explore the airport. If you walk solidly for 2 hours, it’s easily possible to cover the airport and around 8km.

This will kill time, burn calories, help your health and when you finally have to sit down, you will enjoy it.

Exercise Your Mind

Books, eBooks, kindle readers, magazines, puzzle books or something that will stimulate your mind or take you far away from Palma airport at least mentally.

A pre-vacation delay or stop over is a great time to read a tourist guide book and whet your appetite for your holiday.

Write it Down

Bring your laptop a long life battery or power adaptor or a tablet and start writing something.

It can be the novel you always want to start, now is a good time. Or it could be about your holiday experiences. Perhaps organize your holiday photos or social media, do Facebook while at Palma airport.

Games console

Bring a games console or download games onto your mobile phone, tablet or laptop beforehand. Also bring a charger.

Listen to Music

Always a good option to bring some of your favorite music, put a head set on and cut the world out, or at least a busy airport.


If you are starting to go mad and have contemplated talking to yourself maybe you could try talking to someone else. This is a good time killer and chances are lots of others are in exactly the same situation as you.

Talking to complete strangers can be a bit like dancing, once you get started it can be fun.

Go to Palma City

If you have a longer time period to sit out maybe going into Palma city would be a good option. It’s about a 30 minute bus journey on the route no.1 bus or a 20 minute taxi ride.

To see more details of where to catch Palma airport buses click here, or for Palma airport taxis click here

To see Hotel options at Palma airport click here

Whatever you do, don’t try to save time. If you can’t face doing anything then as a last resort, bring some earplugs and an inflatable cushion and try to sleep time away.


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