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Smoking at Palma Airport

The Spanish legislation on smoking is strict. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public places, Palma Airport included.

You are not allowed to smoke anywhere inside the airport terminal or in any of the four modules, be it in the public area or the security zone. There are, however, several outside spaces at the airport where smoking is permitted.

Please note that, due to the health crisis, the rules around smoking are currently stricter than usual. Smoking in a public outdoor space in Mallorca is only allowed if it is possible to keep a minimum distance of 2 metres to other people around you. While smoking, you are required to stay in one spot – smoking while walking is not permitted.

Smoking at Palma Airport Arrivals

Smoking inside the terminal building is strictly prohibited. However, as soon as you exit the public arrivals hall you will find yourself in a wide pedestrian area next to an access road. Here, it’s possible to smoke again after your flight.

In this outside area, you will also find several cafes, where you can have a drink, a smoke, and a rest after your journey. The area is partially enclosed and is protected from the strong sun and, to some extent, any strong winds. As Mallorca is warm for most of the year, it’s more than pleasant to sit outside Palma Airport. The area is therefore popular with arriving passengers, whether smoking or not.

For your onward journey, please keep in mind that smoking is not permitted in most rental cars, in taxis, or on public transport.

Smoking at Palma Airport Departures

When you arrive at the Palma Airport departures terminal, there are plenty of benches outside the terminal building. Here, you can enjoy a cigarette in reasonable comfort. If you have some time to spare, you can return to these benches after checking in your suitcases. However, if you would prefer to get a little closer to the boarding gate for your flight, there is an additional place where smoking is permitted just before the main security control.

After checking in any luggage, you will need to go up the escalator to level 4. Just before security, you will find a large semi-enclosed terrace. Although the departures terminal is one of the busiest parts of Palma Airport, this is a peaceful and relatively quiet area. A relaxing space with plenty of trees, plants, and benches, this terrace attracts smokers and non-smokers alike. This is the last designated smoking area at Palma Airport. Once you have gone through security control, smoking will no longer be permitted anywhere in the airport.

Smoking fines

Smoking in the toilets of Palma airport will set off fire alarms. It will result in a heavy fine and brief detention, possibly causing a missed flight.

E-cigarettes and vaping at Palma Airport

The same law that prohibits smoking in public buildings also extends to vaping. However, most airlines and airports will allow you to have e-cigarettes in your carry-on luggage, as long as the fluid is under the 100ml limit. If you are considering a sneaky drag on an e-cigarette, do be mindful that this may trigger the smoke alarms. Please also see the section on smoking fines above.


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