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Palma airport to Formentera

Formentera is the least know of the main Balearic islands. Yet what it does have to offer are exclusiveness and restfulness for those seeking to get away from the masses to relax.

The small island is mainly coastline comprising of cliffs beaches and gentle sand dunes. The landscape is made up of scattered fields, vineyards and pine trees with a netting of country lanes traversing the island.

Wherever you are on the island there is virtually always the smell of the sea and a sea view. The beaches are soft white sand and the water is amazingly clear. This makes for an ideal place to snorkel and experience the unspoiled marine life.

There is an unexpectedly large Italian presence on Formentera during the summer months. This has brought Italian business and adds to the richness of food served on the island as there are more than a few Italian restaurants.

Formentera’s capital

Sant Francesc is the capital of Formentera. Although it handles the island’s administration it’s barely the size of a small town.

Sant Francesc is made up of a number of streets and a spacious pedestrianized plaza. This is dominated by an imposing whitewashed fortress like church. The airy square has one or two cafe/bars with seats on the square and a few shops on adjoining streets breathing live into the place.

Formentera Port

La Savina is Formentera’s port and it’s most likely going to be your point of entry into the small paradisiac island. It isn’t likely there will ever be an airport here. The port is full of bobbing yachts and the islands working sea vessels which bring a authenticity to the harbor.

Surrounding the port are hire shops for bicycles, scooters and cars plus lots of cafes, bars and restaurants.

How to get to Formentera from Mallorca

There is no airport on Formentera and no direct routes from Mallorca. Except for chartering a private yacht or cruiser of course. Below are the two conventional methods to get to Formentera from Mallorca.

From Palma Airport

Arrivals into Palma airport have the options of either flying straight to Ibiza or taking the ferry.

If you fly directly to Ibiza you will need to get to Ibiza port from the airport. You can get a taxi or a bus. The Route 10 bus runs every half hour during the summer and every hour during the winter in both directions and will take you to Ibiza port where you can get the ferry to Formentera.

If you choose to take the ferry to Formentera you will need to get from Palma airport to Palma port. You can do this by taking a taxi, private transfer or bus. The route no.1 bus cost €3 and leaves every 15min and goes to Palma port. Once there you can catch the ferry to Ibiza.

Bus route from Palma airport to Palma port:

The ferry to Ibiza takes about 3h30min or 4h subject to which ferry you take. Prices start from €30 for one person one way and €105 with a car. Ferries typically go once or twice a day on a fixed schedule.

Once at Ibiza Port you will then need to get the regular ferry link to Formentera.

Ferry from Ibiza to Formentara

The Ibiza town port has a special section for the ferry to Formentera. This is called in Spanish Estacion maritima barcas Formentera. This is located in Avenida Santa Eulalia and is not far from Burger King.

There is a good selection of ferries going to Formentera. These run frequently during the summer virtually every half an hour. The journey time and price vary accordingly and you will get what you pay for from this point of view.

The crossing can vary depending on your vessel from a 25min Jet ferry to a chugging 1h 30min. A single one way trip will start from around €15-€30 and return trips from as low as €19 to €40

Aquabus is the name of the slower economy ferry and like other ferries tickets can be purchased online. If you don’t buy tickets online these can be purchased at the port for most companies.


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