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Internet WiFi

If you don’t have data or data roaming, then there are a couple of options for internet access at Palma airport. Namely, coin-operated computers or Wi-Fi internet. There is also another option to purchase internet for your whole vacation for anywhere in Mallorca for up to a month and then possibly even longer.

Coin-operated computers

These are euro coin fed access terminals for the internet with chairs and a desk. There are 22 of these overall at Palma airport, spread throughout the airport in the public and passenger only zones. See below to help locate these access points.

You will find some of these coin fed computers with printers in the check in areas. This allows uses to potentially print their travel documents, particularly a boarding pass.

These access points are located in the various zones:

The Main Terminal Building has internet access terminals on;
Floor 4, Floor 2 & Floor 0

Each Module, A,B,C & D has internet access terminals on;
Floor 1

Wi-Fi Access

Unlike some other European countries, Spain is a country where free Wi-Fi internet access abounds. Free Wi-Fi is found in bars and cafes in virtually every city and town.

Depending on the establishment you may be able to connect straight away or just request a Wi-Fi password to enter.

However this is not exactly the case with Palma airport but things have changed in recent years enabling passengers gain free Wi-Fi internet access for fifteen or thirty minutes depending on the offer or season.

After this time period rates are charged. Thirty minutes though is usually long enough to send emails, check social media, send photos and WhatsApps etc.

How to access the free Wi-Fi

KubiWireless is the company that provides the Wi-Fi Internet access.

First passengers will need to select the Kubiwireless Palma airport network on their electronic device. Next they will need to give a valid email address to activate the free user time and in effect become logged on.

It’s possible to use for longer than thirty minutes but their time usage rates will apply, see below for the list of rates.

The service provides access to the Internet at speeds of up to 11Mbps. You can therefore send and receive emails with large attachments without a problem.

This service is also available in the other Balearic islands of Ibiza and Menorca.

The downside is that they have your email and may target you with travel related email adverts about Mallorca, Palma airport, Spain or something similar.

Rates after free time

Once your free time has expired you will be asked to purchase more internet by giving your bank or credit card payment details.

45 minutes time reducer: 7.5 €

1 hour connection: 9 €

Flat fee 24 hours: 15 €

Flat fee 3 days (72 hours): 40 €

Flat fee 1 month (720 hours): 70 €

Taxes not included

Assistance info
Web: www.kubiwireless.com
E-mail: ayuda@kubiwireless.com
Customer assistance: 902 195 788

Longer duration internet for everywhere in Mallorca

If you arrive in Palma Airport and you want an internet connection for the duration of your holiday, there is a place in arrivals where you can hire a mobile wireless router.

It can fit in your pocket and potentially you can take it everywhere on the island. It works over the telephone data network and you can connect up to 5 electronic devices at a time.

The company offering this service is wifi2go. They are in the public arrivals Hall, between exit Gate B and exit to the street gate number 2 Website: http://wifi2go.travel/our-offer


500Mb at 7,2Mbps. 14,90€/day

2,5Gb of data at a max speed of 21Mbps. 74,9€/week

10GB over one month or just in a week. 0,012€/MB, 198,90€

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