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The city of Palma is on the south west corner of the island. Palma port is also to the south west of Palma city although it’s joined with much of city nestled around the port. Palma airport is further away around 10km/6 miles east of the city.

Palma port is very busy with lots of private cruisers, yachts, local fishing vessels not to mention the ferry, cruise and cargo docks. The harbor consist of four sectors, the West dock(Dique del Oeste), Recreational dock, Commercial dock and the Shoreline dock (Ribera).

Sadly the cruise terminal is to the west side of the port away from the old city. If you want to walk from the cruise port to the old city it’s around 4km 2.5miles to the edge of the old city and will take about 40minutes subject to how fast you want to walk.

Saying that the route is very appealing for exercise or a sightseeing stroll as there is a lovely promenade stretching from one side of the port to the other. The walkway has the watery backdrop of boats, sky and seascapes.

It’s hot to walk in the daytime so this might only be a good option during evenings. This will be convenient for eating out as you will ultimately come to the old city with its restaurants and bars. You can always get a taxi back.

At busy times in Palma port some cruise ships are obliged to dock on the cargo pier, PortoPi. This is another 2km 1.2miles further away from the old city.

There are plenty of waiting taxis to take you to the old city and back, these are around €10 each way. Cruise ships also often provide a transfer to one of the tourist points in the City for about €12.

There is a regular bus every 15minutes, route no.1, which is € 5 and goes all the way to the airport, you can get off at various stops along the way in the city.

Car Hire / Rental from Palma Port

Palma port car hire offices are located on the road surrounding the port approximately in the center of the port, on Avinguda Gabriel Roca 17-19. The cruise port entrance is by Avinguda Gabriel Roca 44, although it’s about 2km 1.2miles away from the car hire offices. Some car hire companies will meet you at the cruise port entrance.

You can use the car hire search box on this page to book a rental car at Palma Port. You will need to delete ‘Mallorca – Airport’ and enter ‘Palma De Mallorca – Marina’

How to get to Palma Airport from Palma Cruise port and vice versa

You can arrange for a private transfer to be waiting with your name on a card at Palma port or airport. Private transfers are a lot cheaper when there are more than 4 people in your travel group. For example a 1-4pax vehicle is €24 and 1-6pax vehicle is €37. So for a family of five or six, €37 is much cheaper than two taxis 1-4pax, €48.

You can also take one of the waiting taxis, these are about €25 depending or their taxi meter.

There is a bus that goes from Palma port to Palma airport and back from the airport to the port. The port stop is number 15 Port de Palma (Estació Marítima just opposite). It’s the no.1 route bus and costs € 5. There is a bus roughly every fifteen minutes, except between 1:10-6:00am early hours of the night. It also stops at several places in the city before getting to the airport and takes about 36 minutes.

If your cruise ship has docked in PortoPi, you can still take the No.1 bus from Dic de l’Oest bus stop opposite the fort. This stop is just to the left of this dock entrance.

Bus route no.1 Palma port to Palma airport.

Checking in Luggage at Palma Cruise port for Palma Airport

The service is possible for cruise passengers arriving at Palma cruise port and flying from Palma airport. Passengers will need to arrange this with their cruise liner in advance. Luggage checked in at the port will be taken to Palma airport and at some point loaded onto your airplane.

The advantage of this is that passengers can potentially enjoy some time in the city possibly even a whole day without luggage and already have their boarding pass ready to fly.

However passenger who won’t have time to spend in the city before flying may find it better to have the assurance of having their luggage with them on route to Palma airport.

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