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Palma Airport Taxi Transfer – Prices and Guidance

Nowadays, most people arriving at Palma airport tend to pre-book their taxi transfer online and have a driver waiting for them inside the arrivals area. The driver holds a sign with your name on and he quickly gets you to the waiting vehicle without any queuing. Pre-booked vehicles at PMI are generally of a higher standard than typical taxis and can often be cheaper. You also generally get your luggage included in the price, whereby airport taxis can charge you extra. Pre-booking cuts out any misunderstandings with taxi drivers regarding prices. There have been numerous experiences of unscrupulous drivers overcharging unsuspecting travellers.

When pre-booking, look for a local company with a good reputation for reliability and punctuality, as there are many international agencies that can tend to be more expensive and less communicative when it comes to dealing directly with drivers. The forums generally recommend AT or as you don’t need a credit card to pre-book and you can pay your driver in cash. You can also amend and cancel your booking at any time. Check out the table below to compare rates of different suppliers.

Compare Prices of Transfers from Palma Airport – Online Company Comparison

Transfer Company Alcudia Cala Dor Palma Nova Platja de Muro Pollenca Soller Pay in Cash TripAdvisor Rating
AT Mallorca Book Now> €82 €82 €39 €82 €82 €69 ☑️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Book Now> €82 €82 €39 €82 €82 €69 ☑️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hoppa Book Now> €99 €101 €49 €100 €100 €90 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Holiday Ex €103 €105 €50 €102 €105 €92
W.A.T. €116 €117 €51 €117 €117 €95
My Driver €135 €138 €57 €138 €138 €105
Blacklane €143 €149 €61 €149 €148 €120

*Please note – prices are for a standard licensed saloon vehicle with Meet & Greet service at PMI

On the other hand, taxis can be found directly outside of the public arrivals hall. To get to the taxi rank aim to exit the baggage reclaim area through the middle set of doors, this will be exit gate C. You will enter the public arrivals hall and will also be at the meeting point for pre-booked taxi transfers. Carry on in a straight line from here and directly exit the airport building, this will be through exit gate 4. Now outside go to your left, where you will find queues of both taxis and travellers waiting for the white taxis. Join the queue which is cordoned off or avoid queuing by prebooking.

Shun any unofficial taxi drivers who may try to offer you their service, only take official airport/Mallorca taxis. If you have any grievance about payment or service, make sure you get a receipt although this is only beneficial if from an official taxi driver. Most drivers allow you to either pay in cash or by credit card. Remember that Palma airport taxis have a maximum passenger limit of 4 persons, each child or baby is counted as 1 person. If you have more than 4 people in your party you will need to pre-book a private transfer for a larger vehicle, see our page about booking a private transfer. Another possibility is to just take as many taxis as you need although this will be a lot more expensive.

Taxi Prices

The rates listed below can help to give you an idea of how much a journey will cost; however, it is a good idea to always ask for an estimate before getting in, so as to avoid any quarrel later. Palma airport taxis from the taxi rank have four basic fares:

1) Night-time tariff (from 9pm to 7am) as well as Sundays and Bank Holidays in Palma:
Per kilometre: 1.10 Euro
Minimum fare: 4 Euro
Waiting time per hour: 20.15 Euro

2) Day-time tariff (from 7am to 9pm) in Palma:
Per kilometre: 0.88 Euro
Minimum fare: 3 Euro
Waiting time per hour: 17.70 Euro

3) Inter-urban day-time tariff (from 8am to 9pm):
Per kilometre: 1.08 Euro
Minimum fare: 3.12 Euro
Waiting time per hour: 18.26 Euro

4) Inter-urban night-time tariff (from 9pm to 8am) as well as Sundays and Bank Holidays:
Per kilometre: 1.24 Euro
Minimum fare: 4 Euro
Waiting time per hour: 17.86 Euro

You may also be charged the following extras for each journey:
Radiophone: 1.05 Euro
Fares starting or finishing at the airport: 2.90 Euro, minimum fare 13 Euro
Journeys originating or ending at the port: 2.90 Euro
Journey to Bellver castle: 0.65 Euro
Journey through mountainous region: 4 Euro / 8 Euro
Luggage suitcase each piece: 0.65 Euro

Wheelchairs and pushchairs are without charge, but taxis don’t always have child safety seats, check first. Guide dogs are also free of charge, but regular pets will be charged a luggage fee. Cash is the preferred method of payment although most cars have credit card payment machines. Since the white Palma airport taxis have meters, plus supplemental and slightly befuddling charges, their fares may vary slightly for a location between journeys. Nevertheless here are a few approximations of what you could be expected to pay for some popular destinations in Mallorca.

Return to the airport – collection time

If you want to know the best time to be collected to go to the airport, consider the estimated journey time to the airport and plus an additional two hours to this. Minus this from your flight departure time, then this will be a good time to get your taxi.

Palma Airport Taxi Contact numbers:

Book online Mallorca transfers here.

Fono taxi (Taxi phone): 971 728 081
Palma Taxi: 971 401 414
Radiotaxi: 971 755 440 / 971 764 545
Telephone taxi: 971 743 737 / 971 744 050
Taxis for disabled persons: 971 703 529
Tele Taxi: 971 200 900

Mobile App

If you wish to use taxis to get around Palma, you could download the app MobiPalma, available on Apple or Android, to view taxi stops near you and to order your taxi.


Wheelchair Taxis

Wheelchair taxis are available from a few different providers. Since most companies have a limited number of wheelchair accessible vehicles in their fleet, it is recommended to book your transfer at the same time as booking your holiday.

Most of the vehicles are accessed via ramp and can accommodate manual as well as powered wheelchairs. If you are planning to travel in a power chair, you may wish to check that the total unladen weight of your chair is not above the weight limit for the wheelchair taxi, especially with regards to the tie-down-system, as some power chairs can be very heavy.

If contacting the taxi companies by telephone, it is useful to know a little Spanish. However, the companies are generally helpful and will try to put you through to an English-speaking member of staff if needed.

The fares vary from company to company and you may wish to obtain several quotes to compare prices. As a rough estimate, wheelchair taxis are between 25-40 % more expensive in comparison to a standard taxi.

Below is a list of wheelchair taxi providers:

Mallorca Taxi

  • This company provides a range of different-sized vehicles, including wheelchair taxis. On their website – – these are referred to as “Eurotaxis”.
  • To make a booking on the company’s website, click on “Contact Us” and fill in the online contact form. The need for a wheelchair taxi has to be specified in the “comments” section.
  • The company can also be contacted by phone, WhatsApp or text message on 0034 659 559 550.
  • Payment is made to the driver in cash or by card (the vehicles are fitted with chip and pin machines).

Majorca Airport Transfers

  • A range of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, from taxis to coaches, are available.
  • Quotes can be obtained, and bookings can be made via e-mail at:
  • The company can also be contacted by phone: 0034 971 549497 or fax: 0034 971 549875
  • To view an example of the type of vehicles provided by this company, visit their website on and click on “Specialist Transfers”.
  • Payment can be made online when booking or, in some cases, to the driver in cash.

BT Group

  • Information about this company can be viewed at or
  • To find information about their wheelchair-accessible vehicles, to obtain a quote or to make a booking, click on “wheelchair” or “accessible wheelchair”.
  • Payment is made online at the time of booking.
  • The company can be contacted on, if you need more information.

Taxis deMallorca 

  • To view information about this company, visit
  • You will find an online booking form by clicking on “Reservations”. The need for a wheelchair-accessible taxi will have to be noted in the “Comments” section and by clicking on “Special Service” at the top of the booking form.
  • If you wish to find out more, click on “Questions” for an online contact form, or send an e-mail to


Alternative benefits of a Taxi

Knowing a bit of Spanish is useful as not all drivers may be fluent in German or English. However, most drivers are helpful and generally friendly. If you are with a driver fluent in your language or your Spanish is good enough, then they may be able to help you with local knowledge. If you want to know about good bars or restaurants or one that’s recommended, drivers are good to ask as they often have a few in mind. Also, they can help in directing you to the areas with the best or most lively nightlife or most spectacular natural attractions on the island.

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