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Pick Pockets Palma Airport

The sensation of release and freedom that a holiday brings is a liberation! It takes many months to arrive yet sadly, petty thieves can steal that carefree feeling in a split second.

‘My first thought was what an idiot I’d been! … To be taken by such a simple tactic!’

Sadly these are all too common sentiments for some visitors to Palma de Mallorca. Pickpockets are good at what they do. To become a victim it only takes a moment off guard.

Mallorca is Safe

For tourists and business people alike Spain and Mallorca are considered safe destinations. Most people who come to Mallorca don’t get robbed, yet gangs and individuals do operate here around all the tourist hot spots and Palma airport.

They spot you a mile off as you arrive at Palma airport or at one of the many tourist attractions on the islands. They choose you!

How can you prevent pickpocketing, what do you need to know?

Please read on for essential advice.

High Risk Targets

  • Foreigners seem to be the targets of choice
  • Those who look and act like obvious Tourists (because they probably are)
  • Middle aged and older citizens
  • Appearing wealthy even if you’re not, i.e. jewellery, nice watch, accessories etc

Alarm Bells – Situations to be alert to

Pickpockets have a number of techniques that will work nine times out of ten. Here’s a few examples of how they like to work. Take note of these and don’t make it easy for them, they will move onto someone else.

  • Pickpockets and thieves love to operate in crowds and busy areas, like airports, hotel lobbies, public transport centers, and other tourists hotspots like markets.
  • Pickpockets prosper in confined spaces such as public transport systems like buses especially. In Spain and Mallorca this especially includes the entering and exiting of buses. Often they look like tourists themselves so you might not suspect them from anyone else.
  • Watch out for Flower selling women who could be pickpockets. They are notorious in the maze of tiny streets around Palma Cathedral, Mallorca Museum and the Arab Baths. One tactic is pinning a flower on your clothes. It’s just another distraction technique used by pickpockets. They will steal when pinning it on you, or when you hand it back or get your purse out to offer a contribution.
  • Distraction is the key to pickpocketing, a moment of forgetfulness in a busy place and it will have happened without you realizing it until later. Professional pickpockets create devious scenarios to gain your confidence or divert your attention.

Individuals asking for help, dropping coins or keys near a victim are just types of distraction to allow themselves or an accomplice to steal the victim’s purse.

Some examples of distraction are; a man innocently requesting help from a senior lady about where to find diapers in the supermarket for his baby etc. Or a thief asking for directions while holding maps. (except they won’t seem like thieves.)

A classic distraction technique is when a thief deliberately squirts or spills something on a victim without them realizing and then like a very helpful person points it out and offers to clean it up. While cleaning them up they clean them out of money also. This method has been very successful.

Pick pockets often work in twos or groups using the distraction methods. Wallets or purses can be passed to safety between themselves very quickly.

  • Be wary of flat or slashed tires, thieves may have let your tire down deliberately. Watch out for men who will stop to help and while one is changing your wheel or helping the other is stealing a bag from the front seat.
  • Credit Card Skimming has been an issue. Be vary of foreign attachments to ATM/cash machines which will read your card as it is entered.Corrupt waiters at a restaurant may also read the card into their own recorder for later use. Try to pay with your card by swiping it yourself. Many restaurants will bring the credit card reader to you nowadays.

Common tactics to watch out for


Groups gather round their prey closing them in, for instance in a supermarket isle or an escalator.

Being Helpful

Being friendly offering to help with some task or problem, which they may have set up.

Requesting assistance

Pretending to be deaf and dumb or asking you to sign a petition on their clipboard.

Travel Tips: Avoid being Pickpocketed

  • If possible carry cash and credit cards under your trousers hanging from a thin pouch.
  • Travel with an expired bank/credit card in your wallet in the event of being mugged, keep your active card separate from your wallet.
  • Also remove important documents or cards from your wallet in case it is stolen.
  • Never carry you purse/wallet in your back pocket or inside jacket pocket. Carry it in your tightest pocket.
  • Hold your purse/wallet securely in crowds.
  • Don’t flash cash and dress down for certain occasions.
  • Never put your handbag on the floor or hang it from the back of a chair.
  • Protect your personal space. Be alert to anyone who gets unreasonably close.
  • Make photo copies of important travel documents including your passport and have them copied on an email or stored on an icloud.
  • Have credit card cancellation numbers ready in case you have to call them.

If you Become a Victim of Crime Where to Turn to for Assistance

The number for any emergency in Spain and Mallorca is 112. (police, fire & ambulance)

In tourist locations English speakers are normally on duty.

The Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) have responsibility for general policing in rural areas in addition to traffic policing, protection of coasts, frontiers, ports, and airports.

The National Police Corps(Cuerpo Nacional de Policía) is responsible for general policing in urban areas.

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