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Chartering a private jet has a few major benefits, among them are freedom and a feeling of luxury. However standing out among these is the saving of time and stress.

The actual flight time is virtually the same but on the ground, there is no comparison to commercial flights in the amount of time and stress saved.

You can seemingly arrive late at the airport and yet clear security and go straight to your aircraft in a seamless move with an almost immediate take-off. As a perk you will meet your pilots and have direct access with them.

Palma Airport Private Jet Arrivals & Departure Terminal

The TAG terminal (General Aviation Terminal/building) is where private jets flying to and from Mallorca will arrive and depart.

The FBO at Palma airport offering a complete 24/7 handling service for private jet clients is located in the TAG terminal at PMI Palma de Mallorca Airport.

There is also another general aviation airport in Palma, the neighboring Son Bonet airport. While private charter is available there the aerodrome is used largely by light/leisure aircraft and helicopters. This aerodrome is visual flight only so that means it’s only open from sunrise to sunset.

How to get there

Palma de Mallorca international Airport PMI. The TAG building is located on the east side of Palma airport. When arriving at the airport on the approach roads you will need to turn off to the right and head towards the long stay parking lot and then follow the small signs for ‘Aviacion General’, which will bring you to the TAG building.

Palma Son Bonet Airport LESB. This small general aviation airport is located just 5 miles/8 km north-Northeast of Palma city center. Head out of the city in a northeast direction on the Ma 13A road you will come to the entrance of the airport.

Private Jet hire Palma Airport

The price of a chartered aircraft is fixed, so even if it’s full with a large group or only has one passenger it will be the same rate. There are a number of websites offering private jet charter from Palma airport.

In a lot of cases you will be able to choose your own aircraft type for each journey. Most private jet websites have a selection of jets to choose from with the relative price. The aircraft could be anything from a short range executive turboprop to a long range jet with a large cabin.

Prices vary according to size and type of aircraft. Nonetheless as a rough guide, the cost of a private jet for a flight from Berlin or London to Palma airport for up to eight persons might cost around €10,000.

Empty Leg Private Jets Palma Airport

It may seem as if private jets are only for billionaires or celebrities alike, however that’s not the case in today’s internet age. The internet is making the information available for what are called empty leg flights.

These are flights that have had a chartered outbound flight to somewhere and need to return to their airport hub. Since returning empty isn’t very cost effective they would rather take passengers at a discounted price, hence the term empty leg flights.

The discount price could be up to 75% off the cost of chartering a private jet directly. Although you may have to have flexible travel plans and be prepared to book last minute.

Also you might want to organize a number of fellow traveler so as to fill the fixed passenger spaces to reduce the cost per-capita. On websites specializing in empty leg flight it’s often possible even in summer to see flights from London to Palma for around €2,500 for an eight seat aircraft, although this will more likely be around €3,500.

What To Expect On a Private Jet Flight

If you’re used to the usual commercial airline experience then flying on a private jet can be excitingly different.

Private jet clients taking their very first flight often presume to go to the main terminal of Palma airport. However private jet clients need to go the private jet terminal, TAG building.

Once at the private jet terminal, then the volume of time you can expect to spend going through airport procedure before take-off is vastly reduced.

On a commercial flight you will have to wait around for approximately two hours, going through a congested airport. Some feel the stress of taking a budget airline is like going to a cattle market, where the passengers are the cattle, not so for private jet passengers!

Upon entering the terminal for a private jet flight you will scarcely lose any time at all. Travelers only need to arrive around thirty minutes before takeoff, possibly even fifteen minutes as check-in takes a few minutes.

Another difference from commercial flights is not having to wait in the aircraft while everyone boards and disembarks. For private jets, you will be the only passengers entering the aircraft along with your crew and then the door is closed ready for flight!

There is a comfortable airport lounge at Palma’s TAG terminal. Here you could possibly wait with a handful of other travelers awaiting their airlifts.

As for inflight catering you will be asked to decide what you would like. There is a good range of options provided. These fluctuate according to the time of day, although you can also request something in advance.

Before you know it you will be in the air, then not so long after landing. Once the aeroplane comes to a stop you will be whisked off in a taxi to your destination without a jam-packed passport-control queue or luggage reclaim carousal to deal with.

One more reason many chose to fly private jets is that they can take their pets on board.


While you are faced with the usual security scanner checks that commercial airline passengers are required to take, it’s only a minute or two. The reason being due to the lack of enormous queues, or possibly any queues at all.

There is a good chance you will meet your pilot upon arrival and may be guided to the aircraft after a little chat about procedure.

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