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Palma Airport Transfers

Booking a transfer from Palma Airport is wise in 2018. It is often difficult to find a taxi and queues can be long. Having a taxi transfer driver waiting for you on arrival is very welcoming and doesn’t cost more than a standard airport taxi. Vehicles are often better too.

Pre-booking your airport taxi transfer is wise, but can be a bit confusing. We recommend one of the highest rated companies on TripAdvisor with a good reputation for reliability and punctuality, along with great vehicles. You don’t need a credit card to book online and you can pay your driver in cash. You can also amend and cancel your booking at any time. Check out the table below to compare Solhop rates with other suppliers. Solhop is the best Airport Transfer company by user recommendation. Check them out on TripAdvisor.

Compare Prices of Transfers from Palma Airport – Major Company Comparison

Transfer Company Alcudia Cala Dor Palma Nova Platja de Muro Pollenca Soller Pay in Cash TripAdvisor Rating
Solhop.com Book Now> €82 €82 €39 €82 €82 €69 ☑️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hoppa Book Now> €99 €101 €49 €100 €100 €90 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Holiday Ex €103 €105 €50 €102 €105 €92
W.A.T. €116 €117 €51 €117 €117 €95
My Driver €135 €138 €57 €138 €138 €105
Blacklane €143 €149 €61 €149 €148 €120

*Please note – prices are for a standard licensed saloon vehicle with Meet & Greet service at PMI

If you’re not a frequent air traveller, you may be slightly confused about the pros and cons of a pre-booked airport taxi transfer.

If you’re arriving at Palma de Mallorca airport for the first time, you may be a little overawed by the crowds and sheer size of the place, let alone trying to find a way to get to your holiday destination!

So why pre-book a transfer at Palma airport when there are airport taxis waiting to take travellers to their destination? How does it work?

Benefits of a Pre-Booked Transfer

What are the benefits of a pre-booked Palma airport transfer? There are a few sound reasons.

1. Fixed price

Firstly, there’s the price. While white taxis waiting at Palma airport have seemingly fair rates in comparison to pre-booked taxi transfers, there’s always an element of uncertainty about the final price, especially for longer journeys.

With a pre-booked taxi transfer you have a fixed price at the time of booking and that will be the price you pay. For longer transfers such as to Alcudia, pre-booked transfers often offer a slightly cheaper fare.

Trying to argue about a higher than expected bill from an airport taxi on a meter will be annoying to say the least and has little chance of success.

For those who live in Mallorca, the final price of a pre-booked taxi on longer transfers may also undercut the cost of airport parking.

2. Correct size vehicle

The waiting airport 1-4pax sized taxis are only legally permitted to take 4 passengers, including minors. So, if you’re a family or a large party with more than 4 persons, you will have to take more taxis, and this will put the budget up considerably.

When pre-booking a transfer you can select the right size vehicle for your group or family. Theoretically, you can even hire a coach if need be, but most clients are grateful for a 7pax sized SUV or minivan type vehicle. Although these cost a little more, they are much cheaper than two 1-4pax taxis.

This also applies to those who have unusually large amounts of luggage, perhaps Palma cruise liner passengers or golfers. The larger vehicles can easily accommodate a bit of extra luggage.

3. Peace of mind

During busy periods at Palma Airport, a taxi might not be immediately available and you may need to queue for a while.

Pre-booking a transfer will give you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to wait in a queue for a taxi and your pre-booked transfer will be there. Time is precious on holidays, so why spend it in a busy airport?

If you have to catch a flight from Palma airport then having a pre-booked taxi has its obvious benefits for your peace of mind, especially for the last night of your holiday.

4. Child seats guaranteed

If you arrive at Mallorca airport and take a waiting taxi, there is a chance that it won’t have any child safety seats. Drivers are known to share seats with other drivers but only if there is one available. If you pre-book a baby-, child- or booster-seat you know it is guaranteed to be there.

What to expect

If you’re the sort of person who is slightly flattered at seeing your name in print, then pre-booked taxis are for you.

Your driver will meet you as you enter the public arrivals hall, holding an official airport name card with your name on it. Although during busy times this might be a handwritten sign.

He will check your booking details and then escort you to a waiting private taxi just outside the terminal building. From there he will take you to your destination and once there will request payment.

If your flight is delayed, in most cases your driver will monitor your flight and be waiting for you when you arrive at no extra cost.

You will receive an emergency telephone number to contact or locate your driver, which for return bookings is very reassuring.

Where to meet

Your meeting point will be on your booking details. However, virtually all transfer drivers will meet at the official waiting point. This is signposted and even marked on the floor.

You will find this by exiting the baggage reclaim area through the middle set of doors, this is Gate C. You will have entered the public arrivals hall and be standing on the meeting point where you will need to scan for your name on one of the name signs.

Check the driver is the correct one for the company you booked with and has your details. Some rogue drivers will try to get passengers and claim to be their driver. They will take you to your destination and also try to take payment for the return fare to the airport but won’ show up for the return!

How to Book

There are a number of Palma airport pre-book transfer websites like Solhop. Most are very simple to use.

You merely select your destination and enter the number of passengers, then you should see a price. If it is agreeable you will enter your flight and contact details and a destination or pick up address.

Some sites require payment up-front but most don’t need this and will confirm your transfer and arrange for a driver to be waiting for you.

If you no longer need the taxi, even though you haven’t paid anything it’s so important to cancel with your booking company. Most drivers are on commission and won’t get paid for their time if the client is a no-show.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much can I bring? It depends on the company, but most allow one large suitcase and one cabin sized bag/case per person. If the vehicle is large enough, transfer companies usually don’t charge if you bring more luggage, although you will need to clear this with the company you have booked with.

Can I bring my bicycle or golf clubs? You will need to inform the company you have booked with to make sure the vehicle is large enough. If it is large enough they usually won’t charge extra. You may need to upgrade to a larger vehicle which will cost a little extra.

Disabled Access

Can I bring a foldable wheelchair? Off course but as with extra luggage, you will need to check your vehicle is large enough to carry all your luggage with a foldable wheelchair.

Are there disabled access vehicles? Yes, but only a few companies have these vehicles with drive-on wheelchair or scooter access. You will need to check the company you are booking with. These vehicles do generally cost a little more to book, around 25-40% more. For more information on wheelchair accessible taxis, please view our taxi page.


What if my flight is delayed? Your driver will monitor your flight and wait. Some companies only have a one-hour waiting limit. Most drivers will wait longer than this or arrange for another driver to wait for you.

How long have I got to get through passport control and customs?
Your driver will see your flight arrival time and expect to see you in around 20-30minutes. After this time, he will normally try to call you. Some drivers may think it is a no-show and leave, so if you are delayed longer than this, it is good to call your driver or send one of your party through to meet the driver.


Can I smoke in the vehicle?
No. Smoking is banned in all pubic vehicles in Spain.


Can I bring my Pet? In most cases, yes, but it is a question of luggage space. You will need to tell the company you have booked with to make sure there is enough space.

Collecting Keys

Can we make a stop en route to collect keys? Yes, but you need to tell the company you booked with. If this is en route or near to your destination you usually won’t be charged. Some companies charge an additional €10-15 for extra stops.

Return pick-up time

What time should I book the return pick-up for?
Aim to be at the airport two hours prior to the flight departure time. You will need to know your transfer journey time to do this.


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