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Getting to Cala d’Or – Taxi transfers, Car hire & Bus

Getting to Cala d’Or from Palma airport can be tackled in a number of different ways.  These could be; hiring a car, taking a taxi or pre-booked private transfer, catching a bus or even using the train partway.

Cala d’Or is on the southeast coast of Mallorca and is 59km/36miles from Palma airport. The roads aren’t too busy and most of the journey is on the Ma-19 directly from the airport.  It’s approximately a 53-minute car journey from Palma airport.

Should you decide to take the bus, there are two different options.  There is a direct bus service from the airport, however, this route runs only in the summer.  Alternatively, you can travel via Palma city bus station, which is 8km/5miles east of Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Taxi – Private Transfer

Transfer Company Alcudia Cala Dor Palma Nova Platja de Muro Pollenca Soller Pay in Cash TripAdvisor Rating
Solhop.com Book Now> €82 €82 €39 €82 €82 €69 ☑️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hoppa Book Now> €99 €101 €49 €100 €100 €90 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Holiday Ex €103 €105 €50 €102 €105 €92
W.A.T. €116 €117 €51 €117 €117 €95
My Driver €135 €138 €57 €138 €138 €105
Blacklane €143 €149 €61 €149 €148 €120

*Please note – prices are for a standard licensed saloon vehicle with Meet & Greet service at PMI

A Taxi for 1-4 persons to Cala d’Or is approximately €80-90.  Taxi fares can range in price depending on the time of year and local holidays. The amount of baggage can also make a difference in price along with the time of day. Parking in the summer season can be quite difficult in Cala d’Or.  Therefore a taxi transfer is a very good option to avoid parking problems and driver stress.

Also, bear in mind that most Palma airport taxis will only take a maximum of 4 passengers per taxi.  Therefore if you are a family of five passengers, even if one is a very small baby, you would need to take two taxis.  This will cost a lot more than you might have budgeted for.  Another point worth noting is that waiting taxis at Palma airport don’t always have safety seats for children available.

Pre-Booked Private Transfer?

If you choose to take a taxi from Mallorca airport to Cala d’Or it may be best for your group to pre-book a private transfer ahead of time. When prebooking, look for a local company with a good reputation for reliability and punctuality, as there are many international agencies that can tend to be more expensive and less communicative when it comes to dealing directly with drivers. Try and find a company you can pay your driver in cash so that you can amend and cancel your booking at any time, without fuss.

When pre-booking a private transfer to Cala d’Or it’s possible to have peace of mind and book for child safety seats in advance.  Your driver will meet you with a name placard in Mallorca airport’s arrivals hall.  Drivers will in most instances also help you get your luggage to the car.

Book your taxi transfer now and pay driver in cash

Getting to Cala d’Or with a hire car

If you decide to hire a car at Palma airport to get to Cala d’Or, it will be about 55 minutes to drive.  It isn’t too difficult as there isn’t so much traffic although there are lots of different roads to take.

Exit Airport

Simply exit the airport taking the main highway eastbound following signs for Platja de Palma/Santanyí and merge onto the Ma-19.  If you hired a car from one of the car hire companies on the east side the airport then you will join the Ma-19 heading towards Santanyí one junction nearer to your destination.

Once on the Ma-19 follow signs for Campos and Santanyí. After  approximately 21km/13miles the motorway will come to an end at a large roundabout, keep right following the signs for Campos and Santanyí still taking Ma-19.

Leaving the Ma-19

After a further 9km/6miles on the Ma-19 you will come to the town of Campos.  It is possible to take the Ma-19 virtually all the way to Cala d’Or but it is quicker exiting the Ma-19 at Campos. Continue straight over the first roundabout heading towards Felanitx.

At the following roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Carrer de la Rambla following the sign for Felanitx. After a few hundred metres take the second exit on the roundabout straight over in the direction Felanitx now on the Ma-5120.

Continue through the town for a few hundred metres more and take the third exit on the roundabout still heading towards Felanitx on the Ma-5120.

After approximately 10km/6miles you will come to the town of Felanitx.  At the roundabout, take the second exit continuing straight onto Carrer de Campos following the sign to the Centre.

Stay on this road for about 300 metres until you come to a crossroads junction, turn right following the sign for Cala d’Or, this will be the Ma-14.  Follow the road for approximately half a km until the junction and turn a sharp left and immediately you will be at the next junction and will need to turn right, in each case following the sign for Cala d’Or.

After 4km/2.5miles turn left off the Ma-14 following the sign for Cala d’Or.  This road will be the Ma-4016, stay on this for 5km/3miles.  At this point you will come to a roundabout and will need to take the first exit in a straight direction again following the sign for Cala d’Or on the Ma-4012.

After around 300 metres turn left onto the Ma-4013 following the sign for Cala d’Or.

Stay on this road for a further 3km/2miles until you come to Cala d’Or.

Cala d’Or by Bus

Mallorcan buses are air-conditioned and comfortable. Bus routes on the island are extensive and it is possible to travel by bus to a lot of different places.

However, most bus routes do not run at night-time and are less frequent at weekends as well as during winter. In cases where a direct bus route does not exist, waiting times between connecting buses can increase the overall travel time considerably.

For the journey to Cala d’Or there are two different options.

The easiest is route A51, which directly connects the airport with Cala d’Or. However, this bus route runs only during the summer and there is no direct bus connection in the winter season.

As an alternative, it is possible to take route 501, which runs at fairly regular intervals in the summer and which has several buses a day even during the winter season. However, this involves travelling from the airport to Palma City bus station (Intermodal Station – Placa d’Espanya), where route 501 departs.

Direct bus route

Airport to Cala d’Or – bus route A51

Aeroport – s’Arenal – Polígon – Son Noguera – Llucmajor – Campos – Santanyi – s’Alqueria Blanca – Portopetro – Cala Egos – Cala d’Or – Cala Ferrera – Cala Gran

Cala d’Or to airport – bus route A51

Cala Gran – Cala Ferrera – Cala d’Or – Cala Egos – Portopetro – s’Alqueria Blanca – Santanyi – Campos – Llucmajor – Polígon Son Noguera – s’Arenal – Aeroport

The journey time from the airport to Cala d’Or is around one hour and forty minutes.

To view the current timetable for route A51 please follow this link

Bus connection via Palma City Intermodal Station 

Palma Airport to Intermodal Station – Bus route 1 

Take the Route No.1 bus from Palma airport to Palma City Intermodal Station. A single ticket is €5 and under 5’s are free. Buses go every 15 minutes on average, although after 21:30 only every 30 minutes.

Route 1 buses run from:
November to April: 6:00am to 1:10am
May to October: 6:00am to 1:50am

For more information about this bus route, please follow this link

At Palma city bus station, you will be able to buy a ticket from the bus driver on the bus 501 to Cala d’Or.  This should be 8.40 Euro for a single journey and a return ticket would be 16.80 Euro.

The journey time from Palma city to Cala d’Or is one hour and a thirty-five minutes approximately, some buses are a bit quicker others a little slower.

Palma Intermodal Station to Cala d’Or – bus route 501

Palma – s’Arenal – Polígon Son Noguera – Llucmajor – Campos – Santanyí – s’Alqueria Blanca – Calonge – Cala Gran – Cala Ferrera – Cala d’Or – Cala Egos – Portopetro

Cala d’Or to Palma Intermodal Station – bus route 501

Calonge – Cala Gran – Cala Ferrera – Cala d’Or – Cala Egos – Portopetro – s’Alqueria Blanca – Santanyí – Campos – Llucmajor – Polígon Son Noguera – s’Arenal – Palma

To view the current timetable for route 501 please follow this link

Alternative Method

The Train

It is technically possible to get the train partway but because of the extra travel time and hassle it would only be worth it if there weren’t any other travel options. Total travel time including waiting would be around 3 hours.

Passengers would have get from the airport to Palma city bus and train station and then get the train to Manacor. 

At Manacor station it would be possible to get bus route number 425 to Cala d’Or for the 50 minute journey.  However, 425 buses don’t run on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.  Another option from Manacor to Cala d’Or is a taxi for around €35.

Train tickets can be purchased at the station at automatic ticket machines or in the ticket office. Prices are €3.75 to Manacor for a single fare and €7.50 return fare.

Monday to Fridays the first train from Palma to Manacor leaves at 6:15 and the last train is at 22:15. Trains from Palma to Manacor run every hour and journey time is about an hour. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays they start at 6:10 every hour until 22:10 and the journey time is 67minutes.

Return trains Monday to Fridays depart Manacor for Palma from 6:23 every hour until 22:05 and take approximately 60minutes. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays they start from Manacor at 6:24 every hour until 22:05 and the journey time is 67minutes.



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