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Coronavirus (Covid-19): What you need to know when travelling via Palma Airport

To ensure your and others’ safety when travelling during Covid-19, please keep in mind the following when preparing to go to the airport and for the duration of your journey.


Passengers arriving from China are no longer subject to health controls.

As of 21/10/2022 health control measures for people arriving from non-EU / non-Schengen countries have been discontinued. Arrivals in Spain and Palma de Mallorca will no longer need to show proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result.

Health controls for arrivals from EU- and/or Schengen-countries were lifted in June 2022.

Before setting off to the airport

  • It is not recommended to travel if you are experiencing any symptoms consistent with Covid-19.
  • Please check in online. This will avoid unnecessary queuing and speed up your journey time at the airport.
  • Although no longer required at Palma Airport, face masks may still be needed for some airlines and airports. Please enquire with your airline prior to travel.
  • To enable you to regularly sanitise your hands, it is a good idea to carry some disinfectant hand gel in your hand luggage (must be in a container of less than 100ml to pass security control).
  • Thoroughly read through all the relevant guidance you have been given by your airline.
  • Please ensure that you have read and understood all the relevant Covid-guidance for the country you are travelling to. For guidance on what is required for travel to Palma Airport, please see below.
  • Please ensure that you bring with you the necessary Covid documents and paperwork, if required for your individual circumstances. Please see below for more information.

Covid-19 rules to be followed at Palma Airport at all times

  • As of 20/4/2022, the wearing of a face mask is no longer mandatory at Palma Airport.
  • If possible, maintain a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Wash your hands at regular intervals for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or, when not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer solutions.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or into your flexed elbow when sneezing or coughing.
  • For your own protection, please ensure that you minimise contact with any surfaces whilst at the airport, on the plane, car hire desks or on public transport such as buses or taxis.
  • Water fountains may only be used to re-fill your water bottle or container.
  • Access to the airport is possible for travellers as well as non-travellers.

Coronavirus – Departing from Palma Airport

  • Ensure you have plenty of time to check-in and pass through the security screening with any new procedures in place.
  • If possible, it is recommended that you minimise your hand luggage.
  • At check-in or prior to boarding, your airline will generally make sure that, if applicable, you have the correct Covid-related paperwork and documentation required for the country you are travelling to. Please be aware that you may be denied boarding if any of this is missing.
  • Please also see our page “Departing from Palma Airport“.

Covid testing – departures

The Covid testing facility at Palma Airport is no longer operational. Please familiarise yourself with the current entry regulations for your travel destination several days prior to departure. If a test is needed, you will need to visit one of the private health clinics located on the island. For more information, please see our page Covid-testing in Mallorca.

Flying from Mallorca to the UK

The Covid restrictions for travel from Mallorca to England were lifted in March 2022.

During the flight

  • Some airlines may still require the wearing of face masks. Please check with your carrier prior to travel and follow the instructions given by the cabin crew.
  • Frequently clean your hands using your hand sanitiser.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or with your elbow if you need to sneeze or cough.
  • Limit any unnecessary movement around the cabin.
  • Reduce the use of the individual overhead air conditioning nozzles as much as possible.
  • If you begin to experience any Covid-related symptoms during your flight, please notify a member of the cabin crew.

Covid-19 – Arriving at Palma Airport

  • Please be mindful of other people’s space and try to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres whenever possible.
  • When collecting your luggage, please wait until the person in front of you has cleared the area.

Arrivals from EU- or Schengen-countries

Health controls for passengers travelling to Mallorca from an EU- or Schengen country were lifted in June 2022. Therefore, you will not need to provide proof of vaccination status, Covid recovery or a negative test result.

Arrivals from non-EU /non-Schengen countries

As of 21/10/2022, health controls for arrivals from non-EU/non-Schengen countries have been discontinued. Therefore, you will no longer need to show proof of Covid-vaccination, negative test result or recovery.

Arrivals from China

All health control measures for passengers arriving by air in Spain from the People’s Republic of China have been lifted.

Arrivals from other parts of Spain

Previously, anyone travelling to Mallorca from other parts of Spain had been required to show proof of vaccination or to provide evidence of a negative test result. As of 1/11/2021, health checks for arrivals from other parts of Spain have been discontinued. Therefore, a vaccination certificate or a negative test result is no longer needed for anyone arriving from Spain. Further information can be obtained from the Govern Illes Balears website.

Did you know that Palma Airport has been awarded the “Covid-safe” status?

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