Coronavirus rules – 10 things you need to know for your Mallorca holiday

Monday, February 20th, 2023

While the national state of emergency in Spain came to an end on the 9th of May 2021, a large number of frequently changing Corona rules remained in place for some time. Like in other European countries, these rules have gradually been lifted, so that most things have returned to normal by now.

1. Spain Entry Requirements

Health controls for travellers arriving from the EU or Schengen-countries were discontinued in June 2022. Health controls for travellers arriving from non-EU, non-Schengen countries have been lifted with effect from 21/10/2022. Passengers arriving at Palma Airport no longer need to provide proof of Covid-vaccination / -recovery or a negative test result. A health control form is no longer required.

2. Face Masks

Strict face mask rules were in place in Mallorca for nearly one year following their introduction in July 2020. Since then, there have been several changes, depending on the Covid situation in Mallorca. By now, the rules have been relaxed considerably and a further change came into effect on 8/2/2023, with face masks no longer being a requirement on public transport. The need to wear a mask in health centres and pharmacies will remain for the time being.

3. Hotel stay and holiday accommodation

In the earlier stages of the pandemic, it was only permitted to share a hotel room with other people, if everyone lived together in the same household at home. This is now no longer a requirement. Hotel spa areas and indoor pools were reopened in spring 2021.

4. Eating out

Restaurants and hotels are allowed to serve indoors as well as outdoors. There are no longer any restrictions regarding the maximum number of people that can be seated at the same table. At the beginning of 2022, people wishing to dine inside a restaurant still needed to be able to provide proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative test result. However, as of 12/02/2022, this is no longer required.

5. Beach and pool

There is no longer a limitation to the maximum number of people that can meet outside. While, for some time, it had not been permitted to visit the beach at night-time, there are currently no restrictions. Beaches can be accessed any time, day or night.

6. Shopping

All shops, including larger shopping centres, can operate at 100 % of their capacity. Opening hours are no longer restricted and the wearing of face masks is no longer required.

7. Nightlife

A curfew that had been introduced in December 2020, came to an end on the 3rd of June 2021, after a ruling by the Spanish Supreme Court. Following this, it was not permitted to meet people from other households between 2 am and 6 am, however, these restrictions were lifted at the beginning of September 2021. The long-debated re-opening of nightclubs took place on 8/10/2021. Initially, anyone visiting a bar or a nightclub needed to be able to provide proof of vaccination/recovery or a negative test result. As of 12/02/2022, this is no longer required.

8. Public Transport

The wearing of a face mask on public transport continued to be obligatory until 7/2/2023, despite the fact that the rules have been relaxed elsewhere. As of 8/2/2023, it is once again possible to use public transport, like buses, trains, taxis and transfer vehicles without a face mask.

9. Smoking

For a long time, smoking in public areas was only allowed if it was possible to keep a minimum distance of 2 metres from other people around you. Smokers needed to stay in one place – smoking while walking was not permitted. While these rules have been relaxed by now, the ban on smoking while seated on bar- or restaurant terraces has continued to remain in place.

10. Return Journey

Please familiarise yourself with the current entry regulations for your travel destination several days prior to departure. If a negative Covid test result is required, you will need to arrange an appointment at one of the private health clinics located on the island. For more information on Covid-testing in Mallorca, please see here. If you are returning to the UK, you will find a summary of the requirements on our page “Travelling from Mallorca to the UK – Covid-19 rules“.

For more information, please visit our pages:

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