To travel or not to travel to Mallorca?

Saturday, August 7th, 2021

Travelling abroad seems to have become a bit of a chore these days. Which documents do I need? What forms do I need to fill in? What are the current rules for travel to my destination and to return back home? Many Mallorca fans will be keen to return to their favourite island, however, is it worth all the hassle or is it better to settle for a (potentially wet) staycation? We have looked at the processes and procedures for you.

In order to travel to Mallorca from abroad, all that is needed in addition to your usual travel documentation are two things: a completed “health control form” and proof of either a recent negative PCR test or proof of vaccination. The health control form can be completed online within a few minutes, following which you will be sent a QR-code to show at the airport on arrival. Your vaccination certificate or PCR-test result can be presented in electronic version or in paper format.

Once you have your documents ready, you may find that your journey runs more smoothly than usual. Due to the fact that there are still not as many flights scheduled as during “normal” times, airports tend to be less busy, so your progress through check-in, passport control and security should be reasonably fast, without too much queueing. Your plane is likely to leave on time – currently, it is not uncommon for flights to run ahead of schedule rather than behind.

On your arrival at Palma Airport, you may notice that things are a little quieter than usual, with some of the shops and restaurants in the individual airport modules still closed and with fewer passengers arriving. You should therefore be able to clear passport control fairly quickly.

Just before you get to the baggage reclaim area, you will need to go through the health control station. However, this is extremely well organised and shouldn’t hinder your progress at all. As you are approaching, your temperature will be checked by thermal imaging cameras, which most passengers don’t even notice. The QR code of your health control form will be scanned and your proof of vaccination or negative test result will be checked by a staff member, after which you are free to proceed through the airport as usual.

Getting from Palma Airport to your holiday resort should be easy – the airport buses are running their full schedule and, as always, there is the option of taking an airport taxi or pre-arranged airport transfer.

In the Mallorcan towns and holiday resorts, everything feels safe and “normal”. Some Covid rules and restrictions are still in place but these don’t tend to impact much on a relaxing family holiday. Face masks are mandatory in public buildings and on public transport but generally don’t need to be worn outside. Partygoers might notice the impact slightly more, as pubs, bars and restaurants currently need to close by 1 am. Between 1 am and 6 am, it is not permitted to gather and meet people from other households outside, a rule that is reinforced swiftly by the appearance of the Policia Local, if necessary.

For your return journey, you will likely need to fill in another digital form specific to the country you are travelling to. You may also need proof of a negative Covid-test taken prior to travel. The tests are easy to come by – there are a number of test centres in all the major holiday resorts and Palma Airport also has a Covid testing facility. Prices for Covid-tests in Mallorca are capped and should cost no more than € 30 for an antigen (lateral flow) test and a maximum of € 75 for a PCR test. Please enquire about the rules and regulations specific to the country you are travelling to. Anyone returning to the UK can read a summary of the requirements on our page “Travelling from Mallorca to the UK – Covid-19 rules“.

So, while, at first glance, travelling to Mallorca can appear to be rather complex these days, in reality, it is far less difficult than it might seem and, with a little preparation, you are unlikely to experience any problems on your journey. The changes to the travel procedures aside, your stay on the island should feel as wonderful, relaxing, welcoming and safe as ever, and should more than make up for the little bit of additional preparation required in getting there and back. Don’t leave it any longer – the island is ready and waiting for you!


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