Caló des Moro – Mallorca’s worst-kept secret?

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Caló des Moro is a beautiful little cove located on the southeast coast of Mallorca, near the resort of Cala Santanyí. The Mallorcan tourist board uses images of the bay, which has also been described as “an unmissable piece of paradise”, to promote the island internationally, and posters of it are displayed at Palma Airport, enticing arriving passengers to visit the beauty spot.

It is therefore not surprising that the picturesque little bay, once considered an insider’s tip, has turned into a tourist magnet over the last few years. Caló des Moro boasts white sand and crystal clear water with many different shades of turquoise, alongside sheer cliffs with a multitude of fragrant pine trees.

The bay is definitely worth a visit and is very popular with bathers and snorkellers alike. Others come just to have a look and to take pictures – a selfie in the famous bay is, after all, the perfect photo opportunity! However, if you are thinking of paying a visit yourself, there are a few things you may want to consider.

Getting to the bay is not that easy and only for the sure-footed. From the nearest car park, an unmade path leads to the cove – the walk takes around 20 minutes. Once there, steep steps descend through the cliffs down to the water.

If you are planning a visit in the summer months, you will need to come equipped with a lot of patience, as the bay’s ever-growing popularity has led to severe overcrowding. In an attempt to regulate the flow of visitors, Santanyí council has hired security personnel and a trip to the Caló des Moro in high season often requires extensive queuing in the unforgiving summer sun. Recently, there have been waiting times of between two to four hours to gain access to the bay.

Those who have come for sunbathing will be disappointed, as there is no beach to relax on – this has been eroded over the years. During quieter times it might be possible to find a little space on a rocky outcrop but this will prove challenging during high season as it is likely that someone else will have got there before you.

If any of the above is not for you, you might want to consider a trip to one of Mallorca’s larger beaches instead. A good option may be the beautiful and probably equally famous Playa de Alcudia in the north of the island, which stretches for kilometres. With its fine white sand and shallow turquoise water, it is ideal for bathing, walking, and unwinding. Due to its size, it is well-equipped to cope with larger visitor numbers without becoming overcrowded. The choice is yours, but you may well feel that your time is better spent relaxing by the water rather than queuing in the hot sunshine.


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