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Taking the Train in Mallorca

If you arrive in Palma airport and want to take a train journey in Mallorca you will have to use another mode of transport to get from the airport to the train station in Palma city.

There isn’t a train or metro link from Palma airport to the city.

If you take a taxi it’s approximately 16 minutes. By bus just under 30 minutes. To use the bus from Palma airport you will need to take the airport bus route A1 – see below.

The train station is found underground at Placa d’Espanya in Palma city and is the main train station for Mallorca.

It’s called Palma Intermodal Station and is also a metro station for Palma city and the main bus station for Mallorca. Using the TIB buses, yellow and red ones, you can get virtually anywhere in Mallorca.

The Metro is clean newish and runs regularly although is quite limited for getting around Palma city. It’s good for going to the northern districts of the city limits.

Aboveground and alongside the underground train station is the vintage train for Soller, see below.

While the tourist train to Soller is limited in terms of destinations, the modern train network has a lot more stops. However it too is limited if you want to get to a coastal resort.

Which Train to take for your Mallorca destination

The Modern Railway

When at Placa d’Espanya, you will find Palma Intermodal train station downstairs. This is to the underground station.

The railroad in Mallorca is limited with only two routes. Although these have a number of stops along the way.

Both routes pass through Inca. One goes onto Manacor in the east and the other to Sa Pobla in the central northern area of Mallorca.

Fares are cheap around €4 to Manacor or Sa Pobla and if you have an intermodal card these fares are around half this price.

Palma to Inca is approximately 35 minutes
Palma to Sa Pobla is approximately 56 minutes
Palma to Manacor is approximately 67 minutes

Purchase tickets for the train or metro at the train station ticket office or one of the automatic ticket machines.

The trains go regularly, for an up to date train timetable see the official Mallorca train website – www.tib.org/portal/web/ctm/tren

Contact details:
Intermodal Station,
Plaça d’Espanya s/n, Palma
Customer Service Telephone: +34 971 17 77 77

Soller Vintage Train

The Palma to Soller train is a true vintage train of Mallorca. It is also known affectionately as the wooden train by some tourists due to its wooden carriages. This railroad is over one hundred years old from 1912 and has been running continuously.

Several trains run daily during the summer but only four daily in the off season. They take 5o minutes train travel time to make the 27km plus an additional 5-10 minutes waiting at the Bunyola station stop about the halfway point.

There is a vintage tram also known as the ‘Orange Express’. It is around 5km and goes from Soller to Soller port. It runs hourly and cost €7 one way and takes about 15 minutes.

Tickets from Palma to Soller cost €18 one way and €25 for a return journey back to Palma.

You can purchase a combined Train and Tram ticket for €32. This goes from Palma to Soller Port and back to Palma.

You can buy train or tram tickets from the ticket office inside the stations at either Palma or Soller.

Contact details:
Plaça d’Espanya 6, Palma
Telephone: 971 630 130
[email protected]

Eusebio Estada 1, Palma
Telephone: +34 971 752 051 and 971 752 028
[email protected]

Getting from Palma airport to Palma Train Station

To get to the main train station in Palma city you will need to take the route A1 bus.

You will need to get off at the Placa d’Espanya (Plaza de Espana) stop. This is the Intermodal Station. You can also easily return to the airport from the station on the route A1 bus.

All airport buses have an electronic display system inside the bus with the next stop showing. They go every 15 minutes but after 21:30 only every 30 minutes.

Palma Airport Bus Timetable to Palma City

Winter – November to end of April
Palma airport to Palma city: 6:00am to 1:15am
Palma city to Palma airport: 4:45am to 0:42am

Summer – May to end of October
Palma airport to Palma city: 6:00am to 1:50am
Palma city to Palma airport: 5:30am to 2:10am

The Palma airport bus A1 cost €5.

To see where to catch the A1 bus at the airport and for more details about the A1 bus click here.

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