Tourist spending continues to increase in Spain

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

The figures for January regarding tourist spending in Spain show an encouraging 9.5% increase on the same month last year, due in a large part to British visitors being more willing to spend their euros.

The total expenditure of 3.4 billion euros reflects the fact that 3.6% more visitors came to the country and spent an average of 5.7% more money.  A sixth of all spending by foreign visitors in January was from British nationals.

Spain’s central statistics entity published the summary which shows that not only were there 4.9% more British visitors this January, but also that they spent 17.7% more per day than last year.  This however was most probably due in part to the recent increase in the strength of the pound against the euro.

Although the overall percentage of American visitors is relatively low, the weakness of the euro is no doubt also related to the 30% increase from the US in their visitor numbers and spending. 

Suspect caught at Palma with illegal gun possession

A man who attempted to travel with a shotgun inside his suitcase was arrested by Guardia Civil at Palma airport. 

Before boarding a flight to the peninsula, the 51-year-old Spanish man was intercepted by the police when officers noticed there was a large modified gun inside his suitcase.

Following the discovery Guardia Civil agents at Palma Airport went to the boarding gate where the passenger was waiting and took him to baggage control.  Once there, in his presence they opened the suitcase. Inside they located a sawn off shotgun in perfect condition, plus several cartridges and a kitchen knife.

It should be noted that the manipulation of a shotgun without the necessary authorization makes it a prohibited weapon.  The man was taken into custody for illegal possession of firearms.

A sawn off shotgun is a type of shotgun with a shorter gun barrel—typically under 18 inches— designed to be easy to conceal.  Compared to a standard shotgun, the sawn-off shotgun has a shorter effective range but is powerful and compact, the weapon is especially suitable for use in small spaces.

Without a proper permit their possession is  criminalized in most countries in the developed world.

Baleares recorded a ‘very cold and wet’  February   

According to AEMET the National Meteorological Agency,  February 2015 was the fourth coldest in Spain so far this century, after 2005, 2006 and 2012.  The statistics indicate that precipitation has been about normal but with an uneven distribution.  In Baleares it has been a “very cold” month generally.

Specifically, it was “very wet to extremely wet” in the north and Baleares but generally “normal or relatively” dry in the rest of Spain.

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