Balearic airports surpassed 3 million per month

Friday, October 31st, 2014

The Balearic airports surpassed 3 million passengers per month for the last four months

The Balearic airports have exceeded 3 million passengers a month for the last four months and in just three months – July, August, and September – they collectively had over 13 million passengers, as revealed by the Airport Coordination Committee in Palma de Mallorca.

Data indicates a consolidation of the main markets; Germany,Spain and the United Kingdom. In percentage terms passenger increases were seen consecutively for the months of April -6.11%, May – 1.57%, June – 3.73%, July – 2.97%, August -6.82% and September – 3.38%.

Primarily from the growth in terms of the ten source markets, (which include Germany, UK and Spain), it has been seen specifically in the national Spanish market registering a rise of 2.3% and a notable increase from the Swiss market of 12%.

As for the coming off-season months, projections indicate a rise of; 4.5% in November, 8.9% in December, 9.3% in January 2015, 10.7% in February and 3.4% in March 2015. The overall average in terms of passenger forecasts for the Balearic airports indicates a rise of 7.6% compared to last year.  Significantly the Aena network in Spain will only rise by 5.1%, so the Baleares region is potentially above the Spanish average.


Other points that have been discussed during the airport meeting were the analysis of the marketing plans for Aena airports, which will build on the information that is managed by and included in Route Committees from each airport and linked to the biennials plans of those airports.

Also during the meeting the issue of Aena bonuses was discussed and a ​​special mention was made about freezing airport charges for the next 10 years along with already existing bonuses for passengers.

This is the second time the Airport Coordination Committee has met, which was established following a request made by the regional Government of the Balearic Islands to the Ministry of Development on the importance of participating in the decision making process regarding airport matters.

In this way through the Committee, the Autonomous Community can work together with AENA to define strategy in developing the airport and on airport charges; in channeling activities related to the promotion of air transport; in promoting activities to strengthen connectivity; in the development of new routes and all those issues deemed necessary to increase passenger and air cargo.


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