Drug trafficker at Son Sant Joan airport with 40 packages of cocaine inside body

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

A passenger from a non EU flight was intercepted by customs officers on Sunday shortly after touching down at Mallorca airport.  They were found to be carrying drugs in their body, which were later extracted in the Son Espases hospital, Palma.

Security officials had their suspicions confirmed shortly after detaining the passenger.  The drug carrier housed inside their body 40 packages of cocaine, having a weight of 430 grams.  They were arrested for a presumed crime against public health.

Later officers transferred the suspect to a department at Palma airport equipped to carry out X-ray examinations, which when taken fully confirmed suspicions.  The operators found inside the suspect’s body a number of foreign bodies well-matched to packages of drugs.

The suspect  was transferred by ambulance to the Son Espases hospital to have the drugs removed from the body that had previously been ingested.

If any packages of cocaine were broken during the procedure then the narcotic substance would have posed a serious risk to life.  The drug ‘mule’ in question, presumably used by a network of drug traffickers to bring drugs in the body to Mallorca, was under the constant supervision of medical staff.

During the following two days the arrested individual remained in hospital eliminating any traces of the packages. Medical personnel administered laxatives to the subject to facilitate the removal of any residual foreign bodies.

Once the alleged drug trafficker was purged of narcotic substances and received a medical discharge, they were transferred to a prison cell remanded in custody.

Drug use in nightclubs in Palma de Mallorca is much higher during the Christmas season.  Guardia Civil investigators suspect that this shipment of cocaine through the ‘drug mule’ could be in response to the “Christmas season” demand.

Exeter airport to host flights to Palma Airport

Business in the Exeter region has received a major boost with the news that Exeter airport is to host flights to some of the biggest continental holiday destinations.

It follows a change of heart by airline Flybe which had previously axed the routes.  Flybe says flights to Alicante, Faro, Malaga and Palma airport will return in March.

The decision means holidaymakers will be able to fly directly from the West Country to the Mediterranean.  Flights to and from Alicante, Faro, Malaga and Palma airport were going to be scrapped – but the airline now says they’ll be back in March.

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