Palma Airport has the busiest day of the year programmed for the whole of Spain

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Palma Airport has the busiest day of the year programmed for the whole of Spain, surpassing even Madrid and Barcelona airport and it’s tomorrow. (954 flights!) Over the August “Puente”, bridged holiday period 3.49 Million travelers will pass through Spanish airports.

The national holiday is in honor of the festival of “la Asunción’ and Spanish airports from the 14th of August through to Sunday 17th will see more than 3.49 million passengers will pass through the bridged period.

Specifically, according to sources at Aena, the busiest day will be Sunday the 17th of August when more than 898,000 travelers on board 3,613 scheduled flights will be passing through national airports.

During this bridged holiday period a total of 21,739 operations in the entire Spanish aviation network will be carried out.

Thursday scheduled 5,226 operations, which together account  for 814,795 available seats.  However, today on the 15th of August, a national holiday throughout Spain, the traffic is forecast at 5,406 flights, which amounts to 868,401 seats.

Barajas Airport, just tops the share of programmed flights over the holiday period

Madrid Airport mineWith a total of 3,665 flights until the 17th of August the Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport has the largest amount of scheduled flights over the holidays, amounting to 617,617 available seats.  The day with the most scheduled flights is today Friday the 15th, with 943 arrivals and departures and 157,694 available seats.

In comparison  Barcelona-El Prat Airport is expected to operate 3,643 flights over these four days, but with more available seats, 643,000. Again the national bank holiday will be busiest day with 949 flights offering 167,687 seats, slightly better than Barajas Airport.

Palma Airport beats Madrid Barajas and Barcelona El Prat with the busiest day over the holidays.

Unlike Madrid and Barcelona the busiest day will actually be tomorrow the 16th, the day after the national holiday, with 954 flights and 166,531 places, the most in the whole of Spain!

However  the traffic over this holiday period at Palma Airport ranked them third in Spain with 3,317 flights just short of the big two Spanish airports, offering a total of 570,667 seats.

Flights to the Spanish coast

After the principle Spanish cities the coast is still the destination where a significant number of flights are headed, the main ones being the airports of Malaga, Alicante and Gran Canaria.

Looking at Málaga Airport, Saturday the 16th of August will be the busiest day recording 389 flights and offering 65,881 seats.  Over the entire bridged holiday it will provide 1,477 flights having 248,160 seats available.

In comparison, Alicante Airport will record slightly less traffic with over 1,000 operations until Sunday the 17th and have 176,058 seats available.  However the busiest day will be Saturday, with 296 flights and more than 50,000 seats.

Finally, up to Sunday the airport of Gran Canaria will take a total of 980 scheduled flights offering 120,631 seats.  This day exactly will have the busiest flow of tourists traveling on 283 scheduled flights with a total of 34,727 available seats.


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