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Taking a Hot Air Balloon in Mallorca

If you want to do something completely different for your holiday, adventurous but relaxing, think about a hot air balloon ride!

It’s a flight you’ll never forget! Moving with the air and having the feeling of calm serenity as you float above the Mallorcan countryside below.

Giant flying balloons subject to the will of the wind are not a good idea alongside one of the Europe’s busiest airports. This is why there are no hot air balloon centers near Palma airport.

In fact Mallorca’s Balloons are found in the opposite corner of the island well away from Palma airport.

If you want to take a balloon ride you will need to go either to Mancor or Cala Millor on the east and north east side of Mallorca.

The balloon companies offer a service to collect you from your hotel or accommodation and take you to the balloon departure field.

What you can expect to see

Setting of to the east of Mallorca the winds will take balloons inland over the central region of Mallorca known as the Pla de Mallorca. This fertile central zone of Mallorca is cultivated typically with vegetables corn and rice.

The eventual altitude of the balloon flight is usually around 500m 1500ft but often higher. Those in the balloon basket will be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the oblique outline of whole island with spectacular views.

Passengers will view stunning stretches of unspoiled white beaches and coves, citrus plantations mixed with olive fields and terraces of vines.

The imposing mountains of the north west and a central mountain amid the fertile plains will loom into view. Other scenic spots to look out for are Cuber reservoir and the wetlands. It’s also possible to see the islands of Cabrera and Menorca.

You will see the sun either rising or setting depending on your flight time. The dawn or twilight mix of pastel colors will leave an impression you will never forget and make you holiday very special.

How much does it cost

The price varies between balloon companies and the conditions of the balloon ride. Usually prices are based on an hour long flight.

For shared baskets of approximately 8 persons, adults are charged between €150 – €200 each. Children are around 25% less.

To book an exclusive trip for only two people would be approximately €800.

Flights cancelled due to bad weather conditions will be refunded.

What’s the procedure?

The night before your balloon ride the balloon company will check the weather and give the go ahead or not. The launching site may also be decided then if it isn’t predetermined.

The next day clients will be collected or will make their own way to the meeting point or flight departure site.

Before launching clients are briefed about safety and a helium balloon is released to see the literal wind conditions.

The Balloon is inflated and made ready. Passengers embark by climbing into the basket and the whole sequence takes about thirty minutes.

The burners are turned up and all of a sudden the basket miraculously lifts off and drifts upwards. Flights float at fairly low levels for a time giving close up aerial views and a sense of movement above trees and fields.

During the flight the balloon will rise to a higher altitude and provide the amazing 360 degree panoramas that they are famous for. It should be noted that one way a balloon pilot has some control over the direction is by changing the altitude to catch differing winds.

The landing is soft due to the way modern balloons are designed and the skill of the pilot letting the balloon cool gently. The landing will be in an opportune field where the a recovery vehicle will have positioned itself.

The balloon is then deflated and packed away and everything including passengers are taken back to the original meeting point.

It’s best to bring appropriate clothing. It doesn’t get that cold due to the burners and lack of wind in the basket but it’s always best to be prepared.


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