Formentor Access Restrictions Summer 2022

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

Popular tourist destination

Cap de Formentor is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in Mallorca. Due to its beautiful and spectacular views, a trip to the island’s northernmost point is a must for many holidaymakers. This leads to a dramatic increase in traffic during the summer months, which exceeds the capacities of the narrow serpentine roads by far.

Annual access restrictions

In order to calm the traffic on the road to Formentor, access restrictions during the peak season have been in place for several years running. What started as a pilot project in 2018, has become the norm, albeit with slight variations from year to year.

For summer 2022, the following applies: From the 23rd of June to the 15th of September, access to the Cap will be prohibited for private vehicles between the hours of 10 am and 10.30 pm daily. Beware, as these rules are enforced with the aid of traffic cameras. If you are planning an early morning trip, do make sure to leave the area before 10 am or you are likely to receive a fine!

Learning from previous mistakes

In previous years, a drive to Cap de Formentor in a private vehicle was permitted from 7 pm daily. Therefore, many tourists decided to postpone their visit to the popular attraction until after 7 pm. And who can blame them? After all, the sunset views from up there are spectacular! Unfortunately, this simply shifted the traffic problems from the daytime to the evening and, as a result, traffic was backed up on the winding roads until well after dark. The extended access restrictions from 23rd of June are intended to prevent the same problem from occurring this year.

Cap de Formentor by bus

It will, of course, still be possible to visit Cap de Formentor by taking the shuttle bus. And there is good news, as the bus timetable for summer 2022 has been extended considerably compared to previous years.

A dedicated bus service number 334 will run daily between Alcudia and the Cap de Formentor lighthouse at 35-minute intervals. The first bus leaves Alcudia at 9.30 am, and the last departure towards the lighthouse is at 8.35 pm. For the return journey, the first bus from the lighthouse in the direction of Alcudia departs at 10.45 am, the last one leaves at 9.50 pm.

Bus number 334 takes the following route:

Alcudia – Port de Pollenҫa – Platja de Formentor (Formentor beach)- Cala Murta / Cala Figuera – Far de Formentor (lighthouse).

Bus fare and journey time

The journey from Alcudia to Cap de Formentor takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes, the journey time from Port de Pollenҫa is just under an hour. Tickets are purchased on the bus.

A single fare to the lighthouse is €4.50  from Alcudia and €3.00 from Port de Pollenҫa. If you want to save some money, pay with your bank card instead of cash. In this case, a one-way trip from Alcudia to the Cap costs only €2.70 and from Port de Pollenҫa €1.80. It is important to validate the card both when getting on and off the bus.

Access to Playa de Formentor

Access to Formentor beach by private car is permitted under the following conditions: You must purchase a parking ticket at the beach car park and send proof of this (e.g. a photograph of your ticket) to the following email address: within 3 days of your visit. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

Please be aware that the car park at Formentor beach has a maximum capacity of 300 vehicles. If the car park is full, it will not be possible to purchase a ticket and you may end up being fined. Digital display boards at the beginning of the access road will inform potential visitors about the parking situation at the beach. If the car park is full, you are better off leaving the car behind and taking the bus to the beach.


The access restrictions to the Formentor peninsula ended on 15/9/2022. From now on and for the rest of the year, it will once again be possible to visit the Cap in a private vehicle at any time of the day. Further restrictions are likely to be put in place next summer.


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