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Bus from Palma Airport to S’Arenal

It can be unnerving to say the least if you have to use the airport bus system and you’re unfamiliar with it. Especially when you have just arrived or need to catch a flight.

It’s straight forward to catch a bus a Palma airport as there are just two bus routes from the airport. Route No.1 to Palma city and Palma Port and route No.21 to S’Arenal

Below is a guide to using the Route No.21 bus to S’Arenal where passengers can get off at several hotels along the way.

Bus route No.21 goes from Palma airport to Can Pastilla then along Playa de Palma and onto S’Arenal. The bus has additional stops including several hotels.

The distance of this route isn’t very far and it doesn’t take long to get to your destination. The total length of the route takes approximately 33 minutes, if you wanted to go that far.

From S’Arenal the bus will return on the same route to the airport except it will not return through the center of Can Pastilla.

Passengers who were dropped off in the center of Can Pastilla, Hotel Linda, Bartomeu Riutort and Hotel Miraflores, on their arrival will have to go to the main road bus stops to return to Palma Airport.

These are close by and are stops numbered 434, 435 or 437, this is only to return to Palma airport.

Buses go roughly every 22 minutes on average but after 20:30 only every 30 minutes. All buses have the next stop on an electronic display system.


Winter (November to end of April)

From Palma airport to S’Arenal: 7:00am to 22:10
From S’Arena to Palma airport: 7:00am to 21:30

Summer (May to end of October)

From Palma airport to S’Arenal: 7:00am to 00:30am
From S’Arena to Palma airport: 7:00am to 01:00am

Where does the bus stop at Palma Airport?

When you have your luggage and have entered the public arrivals zone, exit the building. These are numbered 1-7 exits. There are signs for the bus and it doesn’t matter which door you exit as and you just have to aim to walk under the covered walk way.

If you exit door 4 you will be in the central position undercover and only need to walk across the slip roads and car park on the pedestrian walkway and conveyor belts.

At the end of the covered walkway you will see the bus stops, choose the stop with route No.21 to go east in the direction Can Pastilla, S’Arenal.

Buses returning to the airport will drop passengers off at the departures on the upper levels.

How much does the Palma Airport S’Arenal bus Cost?

The bus cost €5, under 5’s are free.

Palma residents, students and pensioners are entitled to discounts but have to show ID and relevant documents.

Palma Airport to S’Arenal Bus Stops

From Palma Airport to S’Arenal

547 – Airport Arrivals
566 – Aeroport (Benzinera)
473 – Camí de Can Pastilla, 110 (Hotel Linda)
474 – Bartomeu Riutort, 16 (Can Pastilla)
475 – Xabec, 2 (Hotel Miraflores)
476 – Manuela de los Herreros (Hotel el Cid)
477 – Manuela de los Herreros (Hotel Java)
384 – Ses Fontanelles (Aquàrium Palma)
479 – Marbella, 10 (Apartaments Les Veles)
480 – Marbella, 22 (Apartaments Pil·larí)
481 – Marbella, 32 (Hotel Cupido)
950 – Marbella, 36
482 – Marbella, 42 (Hotel Acapulco)
483 – Mar Tirrena (Hotel Garonda)
484 – Llaüt (Riu Palace)
485 – Llaüt, 26 (Hotel Playa Golf)
486 – Llaüt, 38 (Mega Park)
487 – Trasimè, 2 (Hotel Hispania)
488 – Trasimè, 24 (Hotel Playa Arenal)
490 – Cartago (Platja)

From S’Arenal to Palma Airport

490 – Cartago (Platja)
891 – Plaça dels Nins
892 – Cra. Militar, 231
313 – Avinguda d’Amèrica (Hotel Géminis)
355 – Avinguda d’Amèrica (Hotel Taurus Park)
423 – Llaüt (Golf Fantasia)
424 – Llaüt (Hotel Neptuno)
448 – Llaüt (Hotel San Francisco)
425 – Llaüt, 21 (Riu Palace)
426 – Mar Tirrena (Hotel Garonda)
427 – Marbella (Hotel Acapulco)
951 – Marbella, 61
428 – Marbella, 51 (Hotel Cupido)
429 – Marbella (Hotel Caballero)
430 – Marbella (Apartaments Les Veles)
366 – Ses Fontanelles (Aquàrium Palma)
432 – Manuela de los Herreros (Hotel Java)
433 – Manuela de los Herreros (Hotel el Cid)
434 – Tramuntana, 9
435 – Octavi August, 60 (Hotel Linda)
437 – Camí de Can Pastilla, 55
546 – Airport – Departures


Telephone: +34 971 214 444


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