The two fastest and most convenient ways to get to C’an Pastilla from Palma airport are to either pre-book an airport transfer or take a taxi from outside the arrivals hall. Below we have put together an easy guide to help you decide which option is best for you.

Taking a Taxi from Palma Airport to C’an Pastilla

Taking a taxi from Palma airport to C’an Pastilla is as simple as getting off the plane, picking up your luggage and walking outside the arrivals hall. The taxi rank at Palma airport is located directly outside Exit C in the arrivals hall. If you are unsure of where it is exactly, just follow the overhead signs. All taxis in Mallorca are painted white and have a red and yellow stripe on the bonnet and both front doors. They also have the universal taxi sign on the roof to let you know if they are available or not.

In order to use a private airport transfer to C’an Pastilla, you must make a booking in advance. Once you have booked a car, your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall at Palma airport. As you leave customs, look for someone holding a sign with your name on it.

Should you take a taxi or pre-book a private airport transfer?

If you are travelling alone or it’s a spontaneous trip, a taxi may be your better choice, as there is no planning needed. You simply go to the taxi rank, get in the car, tell the driver your destination and off you go. The downside to this is that you have no idea how much it is going to cost until you get there. Also, due to the number of flights arriving during the summer, you could find yourself having to wait at the rank until a taxi becomes available.

With a private airport transfer, you are able to select the type of vehicle that best suits your needs from a normal saloon to a 13-seat minibus. You can also request a child safety seat or a vehicle fitted out for passengers with reduced mobility.

With a private airport transfer, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport holding a sign with your name on it and will escort you to the car. You also already know the price of the journey in advance after having received a quote when you made the booking.

⚠️ Warning: Because Palma airport is so busy during the summer and long lines at the taxi rank, you have pirate taxi drivers. If you are approached in the arrivals hall by a person offering a taxi ride, ignore them, as they are not licensed and insured to carry passengers. You also leave yourself open to being ripped off and have no recourse if you feel you have been overcharged or treated uncourteously. 

Which option is better for a family or group of people?

All taxis in Mallorca are your standard four-door saloons and are only allowed to carry four passengers and that includes children and babies. They are also limited when it comes to luggage space, with three medium-sized suitcases about all that will fit in the trunk. This is something you should consider before arriving in Mallorca, as the price of taking two taxis as opposed to a private airport transfer is substantially higher.

If you have special needs, such as a passenger with reduced mobility or require a child safety seat, a private airport transfer is by far your best option.

How long will it take me to get to C’an Pastilla?

C’an Pastilla is located just over 4 kilometres from Palma airport and should not take more than ten minutes to reach by car. If you are travelling to C’an Pastilla by taxi, make sure you add the time queuing for a taxi into your journey time.

How much will it cost me to get a taxi from the airport to C’an Pastilla?

All taxis in Mallorca calculate fares using a taximeter set with a rate per kilometre. A surcharge is added for picking up from or dropping off at Palma airport. As the rate changes based on the time of day, weekend and public holidays, it is difficult to know in advance how much the fare will be.

How much is a private transfer from Palma Airport to Can Pastilla?

Private Transfer from Palma Airport to Can PastillaApprox. Price
Car (1-4 people)€29
Minivan (5-7 people)€45
Minibus (8-13 people)€70
VIP transfer (1-4 people)€43

Which private airport transfer company should I use?

Palma airport is the third busiest in Spain after Barcelona and Madrid and is so busy in the summer that taxis at the airport can’t cope with the passenger volume. Due to this, you now have several companies in Mallorca offering private airport transfers. In order to find which one to use, we recommend visiting Mallorca holiday forums or reading the reviews on popular travel websites such as TripAdvisor.

Our favourite and TripAdvisor’s #1 top-pick is a company called Solhop. Unlike some of the other private airport transfer companies, they tend to have newer, more prestigious vehicles and in a throwback to when customer service and trust were company values, Solhop does not require you to use a debit/credit card when you make your booking. Simply pay your driver the quoted price when you arrive at your hotel or holiday accommodation. Solhop also understands that people’s travel plans can change and do not charge you, should you need to alter your booking or cancel.

Directions from Palma Airport to Can Pastilla

When you reach the roundabout leaving the airport, take the second exit onto the Ma-19 slip road. Keep right and merge onto the Ma-19 heading in an easterly direction. Continue straight until you arrive at the C’an Pastilla exit and then follow the signs.

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