By airport taxi or pre-booked private transfer, you can quickly and easily get from Palma airport to Búger. Below we have gathered some information on both options.

Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport to Búger

Frequently asked questions about taking a taxi from Palma airport

Where can I find a taxi at Palma airport?

As you exit from the centre of the arrivals hall, the taxi rank is right in front of you.

How much will it cost me to take a taxi from Palma airport to Búger?

Despite the fact that all airport taxis are fitted with taximeters, the fare to Búger varies. This is due to the fact that different rates apply depending on when you travel. They change depending on the time of day, whether you are travelling at the weekends or on a bank holiday.

How long will it take me to get to Búger by taxi?

Assuming there is no traffic and that you do not need to wait for a taxi at the rank, it should take around 35 minutes to get from Palma airport to Búger.

How many people can a taxi take?

Taxis in Mallorca are only permitted to carry four passengers and that includes children and babies.

How much luggage can a taxi take?

As a rule, most taxis can carry a maximum of 3 medium sized suitcases.

Can you get a taxi with a child safety seat?

No! Taxis do not have child safety seats.

Pre-Booked Private Transfer to Búger

In most cases taking a taxi from the airport to your resort is a great option. Mallorca, however, has a limited number of taxis which means you may have to wait in a queue until a taxi becomes available. Other downsides include…

◾️Taxis are only permitted to carry 4 people.

◾️Taxis do not carry child safety seats.

◾️There is limited space for luggage.

◾️You don’t know how much the journey is going to cost.

If any of the above points are worrying you would probably be better off pre-booking a private airport transfer as this allows you to…

✔️ Select what type of vehicle you require.

✔️ Request a child safety seat.

✔️ Continue your journey from the airport to Búger without delay as your vehicle will be waiting for you on your arrival.

✔️ Know exactly how much your journey from the airport will cost.

Read more about private transfers from Palma airport.

With several private transfer companies offering to pick you up at Palma airport it is hard to decide which one to choose. Our favourite happens to be a company called Solhop. Rated #1 on TripAdvisor, Solhop has built a reputation of being the go-to company when you require transport to or from Palma airport. Unlike other companies offering a similar service, Solhop does not require payment in advance and allows you to change or cancel your booking without any fee.

Price of a Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport to Búger

Private Transfer from Palma Airport to BúgerApprox. Price
Car (1-4 people)€79
Minivan (5-7 people)€109
Minibus (8-13 people)€120
VIP transfer (1-4 people)€118

Directions from Palma Airport to Búger

Located on the main Palma to Alcúdia road, Búger is an easy drive just 45 kilometres north of Palma airport. When leaving the airport, take the first exit onto the Ma-19 towards Palma. Exit onto the Ma-20 Palma ring road and continue straight until you reach Exit 3B, the Ma-13 road to Inca. When you reach the roundabout at junction 35 (Inca) take the first exit Ma-3423 towards Búger.

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