The journey from Palma airport to Inca is easy. Options include taking an airport taxi, booking a private transfer, hiring a car or using public transport.

Taking a Taxi to Inca

All you have to do to get a taxi at Palma International Airport is just walk out of the terminal and the taxi rank is right in front of you. Taxis in Mallorca are easily recognisable as they are all painted white, with a red and yellow stripe across the bonnet and on both front passenger doors. They also have the universal green illuminated taxi sign on the roof.

Taxi fares in Mallorca are calculated based on a taximeter. In the evening and at night, weekends and public holidays, the rate increases. A supplement is added to fares that originate at the airport.

If you are travelling alone or need to be dropped off somewhere in Palma, taxis are a great option. However, if you are travelling in a group or have children, a Private Airport Transfer might be a better way to go, for the following reasons:

⚠️ Taxis in Mallorca are only permitted to carry four passengers and that includes children, no matter how young they may be.
⚠️ If you are travelling with a lot of luggage you may be forced to take two taxis which can prove to be very expensive.
⚠️ Taxis in Mallorca do not have child seats, which means if you are travelling with small children you will have to bring your own.
⚠️ Palma de Mallorca is an extremely busy airport during the summer and has a limited number of taxis that cannot cope with the amount of arriving passengers. Therefore you may have to wait in a long line until a taxi becomes available.


Pirate Taxi Drivers
Because of the high demand for taxis at Palma de Mallorca International Airport, unscrupulous persons have taken to operating pirate taxis. Ignore anyone who approaches you asking if you need a taxi as they are not licensed and insured to pick up fares. Remember, all taxis in Mallorca are white, have a sign on the roof and calculate fares using a taximeter. 

Private Transfer from Palma Airport to Inca

After a long day of travelling and all the hassles involved with security checks at the airport, the last thing you want when arriving for your holiday is to be stuck in a line waiting for a taxi. Palma de Mallorca International Airport is the third busiest airport in Spain handling 27 million passengers per year and is especially busy during the summer. Because of the high demand for taxis, you could very well find yourself stuck in a long line waiting for a cab.

To avoid this, you can book a Private Airport Transfer. Having a car waiting for you at the airport not only makes sense, but it also gets you to your hotel, apartment or villa in the fastest possible way. The price for a Private Airport Transfer is competitive with taxi fares and comes with the added advantage of being able to select a vehicle that best suits your needs. Whether you are travelling in a group, require a child safety seat or have special needs, booking a car or minivan in advance has so many advantages over just turning up.

In Mallorca, you will find many companies offering Private Airport Transfers, so do your research on the Internet by reading testimonials of passengers who have used a particular company’s service on sites like TripAdvisor. Our personal favourite is a company called Solhop, as all their drivers speak English, the cars tend to be of a higher standard and are newer than some of their competitor’s. Plus, you don’t need a credit card to book and can change or cancel a booking at any time without having to pay a penalty.

For more information on this topic, please also see our page on Palma Airport Transfers.

Price of a Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport to Inca

Private Transfer from Palma Airport to IncaApprox. Price
Car (1-4 people)€59
Minivan (5-7 people)€79
Minibus (8-13 people)€95
VIP transfer (1-4 people)€88


Directions from Palma Airport to Inca

Getting from the airport to Inca is very simple. Once you leave the airport, take the first exit onto the MA-19 and then take Exit 3 onto the MA-20 Palma ring road and follow the road around Palma, keeping a lookout for Exit 3B Inca/Port de Alcudia/Son Costello. Join the main MA-13 highway and follow the signs for Inca.

Car Hire to Inca

Renting a car at Palma International Airport makes a lot of sense if you are planning to get out and explore the island. Having your own car gives you the ability to get out and see Mallorca at your own pace and the chance to visit places you might not be able to see any other way.

All the big-name car hire companies have desks at Palma de Mallorca International Airport and are located on the arrivals floor of the terminal.

Several smaller companies also offer car hire but have their lots outside the airport perimeter and offer a free shuttle bus service to and from the airport.

Car rental companies that have desks at Palma de Mallorca in 2019 include:

    Goldcar-Rhodium (Tel: +34 965 233 181)

    Europcar-InterRent (Tel: +34 971 746 540)

    Hertz-Thrifty (Tel: +34 971 789 670)

    Avis Budget (Tel: +34 902 110 261)

    Sixt (Tel: +34 971 260 268/+34 971 743 743)

    Record Go (Tel: +34 877 406 471)

    Enterprise-Alamo-National (Tel: +34 971 266 001)

Off-site car rental companies include:

OK (Tel+34 902 36 06 36)

Hiper (Tel+34 971 26 98 50)

 Wiber (Tel+34 964 01 00 00)

Dollar (Tel+34 971 00 00 45)

Drivalia (Tel+34 971 12 69 63)

Centauro (Tel: +34 966 36 03 60)

Be sure to read your rental agreement closely and make sure you have the correct insurance for the people who will be driving the car. Fuel policies vary by company, but most operating out of Palma Airport work on a full to full policy.

This means that you pick up the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and must return it with a full tank of fuel.

Do not just fill up the tank before you set off to the airport, but wait until you arrive, using the petrol station located just before you exit the airport from arrivals. Effectively what this means is that you will have to drive past where you need to drop off the car and then double back.

For more information on the topic, please also see our car hire page.

Public Transport to Inca


To get to Inca town centre by bus you must first take the L1 Airport-Palma-Airport bus to the city’s main bus station in the Plaça d’Espanya. From there take the red and yellow TIB (Transport de les Illes Balears) L340 or L351. The buses are frequent and have a journey time of just 30 minutes.

All buses that serve Palma de Mallorca International Airport leave from outside the arrivals area of the terminal. Once you exit the terminal, walk to the end of the covered walkway to the bus stops.

For more information on bus routes in Mallorca, please follow this link.


Other than the scenic narrow-gauge vintage train between Palma and Soller all trains in Mallorca pass through Inca making it very easy to get to by train. With no metro line from Palma de Mallorca International Airport to the city centre, you must take the L1 Airport-Palma-Airport bus to the Plaça d’Espanya from where you can take a train to Inca from the Estació Intermodal.  As of 2019, the one-way fare is 3.15€ with a journey time of 35 minutes.

About Inca

Mainly known as Mallorca’s leather town, Inca lies halfway along the motorway between Palma and Alcudia, roughly in the centre of the island, just at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains.

While perhaps not as pretty as some of the other towns in Mallorca, Inca is steeped in history dating back to pre-Roman times. Between the 17th and 19th centuries, Inca was the centre of wine production in Mallorca until the phylloxera plague destroyed the vines in 1891. This caused a serious economic crisis that forced the locals to look for an alternative source of income and led them to produce leather goods, a skill they had learnt from the Moors.

Today, Inca is a thriving town of just over 30,000 inhabitants and home to Camper Shoes – a Mallorcan success story producing shoes known for their trendsetting designs and a loyal worldwide following.

For most people, Inca may just be a sign they see on the motorway as they head to the beach resorts but is worth a stop or a day trip for the amazing shopping that is available.

Palma may have the big-name designer boutiques but a lot of the products they sell are made in Inca and are available for much less than you would have to pay for them on the Passeig del Born.

The best day to visit Inca is on a Thursday for the weekly market, where you will find a wide variety of locally-made goods. While visiting Inca, have lunch in one of the many old wine cellars that are a testament to the town’s past history and are now restaurants serving traditional Mallorcan food.

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