Getting to Deià from Palma de Mallorca International Airport (PMI) is very easy to do. Options include taking a taxi from outside the arrivals’ hall, pre-booking a private airport transfer, renting a car or catching a bus.

Taxi to Deià

Taking a taxi from Palma Airport is as simple as picking up your luggage and exiting the arrivals’ hall. The taxi rank at Palma Airport is located opposite Exit Gate C which is located in the middle of the arrivals hall. Palma Airport taxis are easy to spot thanks to their white paintwork with the red and yellow stripes of the Mallorca flag on both the front doors and the hood. All taxis in Mallorca also have the traditional illuminated taxi sign on the roof.

All taxis in Mallorca operate on a metre and have a set charge per kilometre plus additional fees for picking up and dropping off at the airport. The rate you will pay at Palma Airport varies, with increased fares charged after 10 o’clock at night and on the weekends and national holidays. Nearly all airport taxi drivers accept debit/credit cards these days but do yourself a favour and have some euros available just in case.

💡 Did you know? If you pre-book a transfer, you will be informed of the exact cost at the time of booking.


If you arrive during the peak hours of the day you may be forced to queue up and wait for an available taxi. This is no way to start your holiday so if time is of the utmost importance to you, consider a private airport transfer service as they will be there waiting for you rather than the other way around.

⚠️ Unfortunately, you may be approached by people claiming to be a taxi driver offering to give you a ride. Ignore these people as they are just looking to make a quick buck off people who do not know how to get a taxi from the airport.

Private Transfer to Deià

When you weigh up all your transport options, a private transfer from the airport to Deià has to be the way to go. First of all, you get to select the type of vehicle you need for the number of passengers in your group plus if a baby seat or wheelchair access is required you can inform the airport transfer service in advance. Another advantage of using a private airport transfer is that you know what the cost is going to be ahead of time and there is no need to queue up for a taxi. Also, they tend to use newer, more upmarket cars which mean you get transported to Deià in style.

Our favourite airport transfer service in Mallorca is a firm called Solhop. They are the highest rated airport service on TripAdvisor and don’t quibble if you should have a last-minute change of plans. Booking with them is as simple as picking up the telephone or visiting their user-friendly website.

For more detailed information, see our Palma Airport Transfer page.

Price of a Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport to Deià

Private Transfer from Palma Airport to DeiàApprox. Price
Car (1-4 people)€53
Minivan (5-7 people)€79
Minibus (8-13 people)€110
VIP transfer (1-4 people)€79

Directions from Palma Airport to Deià

Getting to Deià by car is pretty straightforward and especially easy if you have a Sat Nav installed in your car or an app on your phone. For those who don’t, exit the airport towards Palma on the Ma-19, then take the Ma-20 ring road around the city. When you reach the north end of Palma take Exit 5B and continue along the Ma-1110 into the mountains in the direction of Valldemossa. Travel along the stunning coastal road until you reach Valldemossa from where you will see signs for Deià, a further 10 minutes up the road.

Car Hire to Deià

Hiring a car at Mallorca Airport is easy and being Spain’s third busiest airport all the major car hire companies have their offices inside the terminal. Mallorca is very busy with tourism during the summer months, so try and book your vehicle several months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Be sure to read your rental agreement closely so as not to be surprised when you get a final bill full of hidden charges. Most rental companies operating out of Palma Airport work on a policy of picking up the car with a full tank and dropping it off with a full tank of fuel. The trick here is to fill the tank at a petrol station near the airport before you drop the car off. There are plenty of petrol stations near the airport so this should not be a problem.

Please also see our car hire page for more information on this topic.

Public Transport to Deià

For those on a budget or people who have plenty of time, travelling by bus from the airport to Deià is the way to go. While there are no direct buses from the airport to the pretty mountain village you can still easily get there by changing buses at Palma Bus Station.

From the airport, take the number A1 airport to Palma bus from the stop located opposite exit number 4 in the arrivals hall. Get off the bus at the station in Plaça d’Espanya and walk around the back of the building to stop number 7.  From here you need to take bus number L210 to Deià. If you have luggage, open the bottom doors on the side of the bus, remembering where you put your bag or suitcase so that you can easily retrieve it in Deià. There is no need to purchase a ticket at the bus station as all bus drivers accept cash. Be sure to have some small denomination bills as the driver may not have change for larger notes. Better still, have the exact fare ready if you can. As of writing the fare from the Airport to Palma is 5€ and from Palma to Deià 3€.

For more information please also see our page “Taking buses in Mallorca“.

About Deià

The beauty of Deià can be measured in so many ways, in a purely natural way it is the quintessence of a Mallorcan mountain village.

Surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Deià is a million miles away from the party towns in the south of the island. Imagine what it must have been like to hang out with Brigitte Bardot in St Tropez back in the late 60’s and your mind will paint a picture of present-day Deià.

First discovered by Robert Graves in 1930s after being told by Gertrude Stein, “It’s paradise – if you can stand it” Graves built a house and wrote I, Claudius to pay for the mortgage. More recently the village was the backdrop to John Le Carré’s dramatization of The Night Manager where Richard Roper hosted a party at the Ca’s Patró March restaurant overlooking the bay where Graves used to go for his morning swim.

With a vibrant local art and music scene together with trendy low-key bars, Deià is where the stars go to get away from it all.

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