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Find the best flight deals to Mallorca

If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, the flight comparison site below will be useful to you. As prices can vary greatly depending on the airline as well as the date and the time of the flight, it is worth comparing your options to ensure you get the best deal!

By clicking on “Find Flights“, you open a new window to a flight comparison site. Simply choose the airports you are departing from and flying to and whether you are looking to book a return- or a one-way flight.  Following this, select your date of departure, your return date and the number of people travelling. By clicking on “search flights” you will get a list of the available flight options. Click on “view deals” to find out more information about flight times and terms and conditions of the offer – at this point you also have the option of booking the flight.

However, before you decide on the best option for you, you may wish to consider the points below.



First and foremost, make sure you have entered the right destination! This seems like a very obvious point, but it is not uncommon for people to confuse the airport Las Palmas in Gran Canaria with Palma de Mallorca airport. To avoid any confusion, you can use the Palma de Mallorca airport code “PMI” when entering your destination in the search engine.


If you have some flexibility when it comes to your travel dates, it is worth trying a few different date options. Sometimes travelling only one day earlier or later can make a big difference with regards to the price you are quoted.

Flight times

At times it might be possible to find a particularly cheap deal for flights that depart and arrive either very early or very late. While this may look tempting at first glance you may also wish to consider what this means in terms of your travel arrangements to and from the airport and your accommodation.

Travel arrangements to and from the airport

If you are thinking of hiring a car, a vehicle pick-up or drop-off outside of office-hours may incur additional charges and may not be possible with some car hire companies. If you are thinking of using public transport, you will need to check timetables to find out how early or how late you can travel. As an alternative option, you may wish to consider pre-booking a transfer – see our page Palma Airport Transfers for more information on this.


With regards to your accommodation, you will need to find out about check-in and check-out times. With a particularly early arrival at Palma, you may find that you have hours to wait until you can access your accommodation. If you arrive late at night, you will have to enquire whether a check-in after hours can be accommodated.

If your return flight departs late in the evening from Palma airport, you may want to consider the fact that the check-out time for your accommodation is often around 11.00 am. One option to overcome this problem may be to ask for a later check-out, which can sometimes be arranged. Another option would be to book access to an airport lounge (find out more about this on our Airport Lounges page). However, both options will cost money and may erode the savings you made on your cheap flight deal.


The hand- and hold-luggage regulations and the cost of checking in bags can differ from airline to airline. Therefore, you may wish to check whether the airline’s luggage allowance suits you and what the total cost of the ticket price amounts to if adding hold-luggage.



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