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Credit Cards and Car Hire Palma Airport

Drive off and be happy, that’s the ideal for a perfect start to any holiday vacation but if you don’t have a credit card when hiring a car at Palma airport you may struggle to do either.

If you are planning on hiring a car at Palma airport without a credit card the situation can become problematic. Sometimes though, depending on the car hire company it may be possible with a debit card but this will have potential costs not necessarily financial.

When Booking through this website – PalmaAirport.Info

When booking a hire car through PalmaAirport.info the terms are clear. Clients must present a credit card in the name of the driver at the car hire desk at Palma airport.

It is possible to book the hire car with a debit card and even pay in full with the debit card. However you will still need to present a credit card in the driver’s name at the car hire desk at Palma airport.

This is because the car hire firms need a credit card to be able to take the deposit for the rental.

Acceptable credit cards would be Visa, MasterCard and in some instances American Express.

Failing to present a credit card will put the client at the mercy of the car hire company. They may find a way for the customer to be able to take the vehicle using a debit card or a credit card other than the drivers but they have the legal right to refuse issue of a vehicle and not to give a refund.

They can also refuse to issue a vehicle if there are insufficient funds on a credit card. There must be a large enough limit on the credit card to cover excess.

The legal terms for car hire through PalmaAirport.info state that the credit card must be in the name of the driver. No other payment types will be accepted.

When booking directly with Car hire firms at Palma Airport

Since PalmaAirport.Info deals with the main car hire firms at Palma airport then the conditions are more or less the same as the above when booking directly with one of these hire car firms.

Whether you book directly or through this website make sure you have sufficient finds on your credit card for the car rental excess hold and then for the rest of your holiday.

Although no money is withdrawn from your credit card the credit hold will reduce your credit limit and ultimately your access to holiday finds if you need them.

Car hire with a debit card

As said above it is not always impossible to hire a car without a credit card, although there are potential challenges.

In some instances car hire companies will make you wait while they carry out extra checks on you and the vehicle you will hire.

Expect the car hire firm to check your credit on your debit card. This is to make sure you have funds to pay.

Be prepared to pay a large deposit. If you have a credit card the car hire company will place a hold on an excess amount on your credit card. However when using a debit card the car hire company would actually take the money from your bank account and then later reimburse this if all is well with the returned hire car.

If you use a debit card there is a chance the Euro exchange rate may fluctuate in the meantime. This means you could receive more or less when your excess is returned to your bank account. This doesn’t apply for credit cards as it’s only a hold on the credit card and not a withdrawal.

Without a credit card some car hire companies will insist you purchase their full cover insurance even if you have purchased an insurance online. Without a credit card it may be better to purchase this insurance depending on your circumstances.

Your debit card must have the right logo on. This must be either Visa or MasterCard.

Even though with some car hire companies it isn’t impossible to hire a car without a credit card it could be a potential gamble finding out and at the very least more trouble.

In view of the challenges unless you have no other choice a credit card will give you peace of mind, save you time, potential money and your nerve.

Smaller Car Hire firms in Mallorca

However for some of the smaller car hire firms especially throughout the island it can be easier to drive away in a hire vehicle without a credit card.

Searching for a car rental company in Mallorca which will let you rent a car without a credit card can be time consuming. Even within the same franchise there can be differing policies. Calling the company directly may be the quickest and only way to find out.

Some of the smaller hire car companies have older fleets and are more able to hire cars without the use of a credit card. Being smaller firms they are also more able to be flexible on policy regards credit cards.

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